Drug Dispensing Machines / Decentralized Cabinets

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ARxIUM delivers best-in-class technology and unparalleled expertise focused on helping pharmacies of all sizes and types improve safety, productivity and efficiency. We provide comprehensive and scalable pharmacy solutions for every segment of the pharmacy market health systems, long-term care, retail, and central fill designed with category-leading automation hardware and workflow software, and supported by unmatched industry knowledge.

Automated Dispensing Cabients:

MedSelect Flex, the cornerstone of the ARxIUM automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) solution line, offers hospitals and long term care pharmacy providers a modular and scalable solution that helps reduce medication errors, control costs, comply with regulatory agencies and increase staff productivity. This is accomplished through multiple levels of security, best-in-class data storage, robust reporting capabilities, true unit dose dispensing and single item access capabilities.

Centrack is designed to close the loop on monitoring the complete life cycle of controlled substances in any facility, providing value in three key areas: increased inventory management, cost control and regulatory compliance.

Nurses WorkStation (NWS) is designed to address the increased demand on nurses time. The new NWS design increases the speed of dispensing, improves patient safety and reduces stress and distractions. By providing remote access to the automated dispensing cabinet, NWS enhances efficiency allowing nurses to review and queue orders, and document waste and discrepancies without being forced to return repeatedly to the physical cabinet location.

SupplySelect leverages the MedSelect design concept to help facilities better manage their supplies inside and outside the pharmacy. This comprehensive, modular storage and tracking system helps facilities reduce time retrieving supplies or addressing lost product and usage data. With the ability to share the same server as MedSelect Flex, facilities can enjoy a complete medication and supply management solution.

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Powerful Technology. Empowering Partnership.

Are you ready for a different kind of technology partner to help streamline remote medication administration and delivery within your healthcare facility or pharmacy? Cubex automated dispensing solutions provide controlled management of critical medications and supplies through our secure, cloud-based platform. Our closed-loop process ensures medications are tightly controlled through Biometric ID access, secondary witness features and unique access codes controlled through administration and/or servicing pharmacies. Systems are simple to implement, less expensive to operate and capable of scaling from a single nursing station to your entire enterprise without the need for costly servers, workstations or consoles. Automatic software updates, seamless integration with Pharmacy or EMR systems, real-time reporting and the ability to manage your entire program from any browser. Find out why Cubex is the fastest growing medication management solutions provider within the institutional pharmacy and alternative healthcare markets.

How the myQlink Cloud Works

myQLink is Cubexs next generation cloud-based platform that provides the ultimate in flexibility, security, and portability of the medication and supply management process. Cubex devices connect outbound only from each facility to the myQLink Cloud, providing real-time synchronization of transactions, patient ADT data, restock signals, and other critical inventory information required by administrators or servicing pharmacies. The myQlink application can be easily accessed via any browser, linking database information from single sites or across your enterprise. Theres no expensive hardware to maintain, no version updates to manage and most importantly no excessive time required from IT departments to manage.

Closed-Loop Medication Administration, Delivery & Exchange

Cubex offers CUBIE® technology, the most secure medication management process in the market. With a patented microchip design within each CUBIE pocket, individual medications are securely Rx verified, sealed, and transported to facilities via a tamper evident process. A unique barcode inside of each CUBIE bin ensures that staff or authorized restock personnel safely pair each CUBIE to the appropriate Cubex cabinet, drawer and position without ever touching the medication. The CUBIE exchange process increases replenishment efficiencies, reduces the risk of medication administration errors and increases patient safety.

Flexible Medication and Supply Dispensing Technology

Cubex medication and supply dispensing technology provides the ultimate in flexibility and modularity of options. From small tabletop devices to multi-tower configurations, systems can manage a small number of critical items to thousands of individual medications or supplies based on facility or pharmacy requirements. Systems are custom configured with various design options such as: open shelves and drawers, secure carousel bins, CUBIE® single and double height drawers, all of which can be modified over time as needs change. The Cubex subscription program allows customers to bundle all system costs (equipment, software, warranty, myQLink access, installation, and training) within one monthly subscription fee. And the best part is - no upfront capital investments! Automating your remote medication and supply process has never been easier with Cubex.

Powerful Business Intelligence & Remote Management

The Cubex Multi-Site application provides healthcare facilities and pharmacies powerful, real-time remote administration and business intelligence reporting engine via the myQlink cloud. Whether managing a single site or multiple facilities within your enterprise, Cubex Multi-Site supports centralized management of key administrator tasks such as formulary management, user profile administration, and site security monitoring, synchronizing all system edits from the Cubex Multi-Site application directly to each individual database.

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 Noritsu Medical
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Noritsu Medical Group

An Industry First in Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Noritsu Medical Group offers the latest technology in automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs). An industry first, the NarcoMedic is a unique dispenser that packages, applies patient specific labels, and dispenses unit-dose narcotics and controlled meds. The easy to use interface tracks all stocking and dispensing of medications virtually eliminating end of shift and blind counts making the NarcoMedic a safe, secure, labor saving solution.

The robust CabMedic offers the new standard in drawer/cabinet systems that works in conjunction with the NarcoMedic interface to complete your medication dispensing solution. NarcoSoft management software ties the system together with unparalleled ease of use, flexible reporting, multi-unit / multi-site management, and superior granular control over dispensing parameters. Looking to upgrade your ADC system to the next level in ease of use, security, and control? We've done the leg work to find the best products in the industry. By offering an assortment of products, we provide flexibility in finding solutions that fit your unique business requirements.

Noritsu has over 35 years experience in workflow automation, integration, implementation, service and support. Our product line includes ADCs, unit-dose and multi-dose packaging, labeling, and medication delivery hardware and software as well as integration and implementation. Our nationwide service team is directly employed, not contracted, with an average tenure of 14 years. From initial workflow analysis,system implementation to equipment support, Noritsu builds long term relationships with its customers.

See more of our products in the Automation / Robotics and Adherence & Compliance sections.

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