Pharmacy Returns / Pharmaceutical Waste Management Providers

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Manage Risk, Reduce Cost and Minimize Environmental Impact of RX Returns

Managing reverse logistics in the pharmaceutical industry can be difficultif you are not equipped with the tools, processes and regulatory expertise to navigate the associated complexities. With more than 25 years helping clients, servicing over 27,000 pharmacies, and processing over 95% of the industry’s wholesale returns, Inmar is the leader in pharmaceutical returns.

A more efficient, streamlined and compliant returns program


  • Industry-best 99.9% overall accuracy through automation increases revenue.
  • Automated receiving saves money on shipping and reduces store labor by including controlled and non-controlled product in the same box at the pharmacy.
  • Web-based software provides superior reporting to improve processes and reduce returns; does not require IT implementation at your locations.

Benefits of Scale

  • Operational flexibility offering both one-count and two-count processing.
  • Inmar’s One Touch Advantage®:
    • Reduces discrepancies and risk of diversion/loss.
    • Drives faster credit, improving payment cycle time by an average of two weeks.
    • Reduces carbon footprint for a greener environment.
  • Relationship at wholesaler level provides program transparency.
  • Inmar facilitates debit and credit solutions between wholesalers/retailers and manufacturers.


  • Inmar ensures compliant disposition for DEA, EPA and USDA regulated products, provides waste characterization, recall management and counterfeit detection.

Value Through Service

  • Proactive service strategy.
  • Consultative account management via dedicated client team provides ongoing support and business analysis.
  • Benchmarking vs. the industry.
  • Industry updates (regulatory and compliance updates).

For more information on how Inmar can help you ensure pharmaceutical reverse logistics are done compliantly and cost-efficiency, request more information below or visit our website.

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 Guaranteed Returns
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Guaranteed Returns

The Industry’s Choice for Pharmaceutical Returns

For over 25 years, Guaranteed Returns has provided pharmaceutical return services to hospital, government, independent retail, chain-store, LTC, Mail-Order and clinic pharmacies. Local GRx on-site service representatives are highly valued by customers for their professionalism, trustworthiness and for “going above and beyond”.

Guaranteed Returns puts their longevity and industry knowledge to work to obtain the maximum amount of credits for every pharmacy return. GRx concentrates on providing pharmaceutical return solutions that address all aspects of the business, beginning with the manufacturer, through crediting the customer.

Business review consultations, inventory management assistance and an unbeatable customer service department are just a few of the attributes that customers say sets GRx apart. Their flagship program, ReverseLink One™ has been branded as “the most cost effective return goods program ever to be offered by any 3rd party returns company”.

Guaranteed Returns is dedicated to making pharmaceutical returns as simple as possible for customers while attaining the maximum amount of credits. Guaranteed Returns puts their 25 years of knowledge to work every day – continually investing in new programs, technologies and people - which is why GRx delivers Service You Can Count On.

ReverseLink One™ Highlights

  • Processing Over 1,000 Crediting Pharmaceutical & OTC Manufacturers For Maximum Credit
  • Over 80 Locally Based On-Site Reps Nationwide
  • Free Disposal Of All Non-Returnables
  • Free GR-XtraNET™
    • Includes: Tracking, Monitoring, & Customizable Reports
  • No Invoicing, Fee Deducted From Actual Credits Received
  • Lump Sum Crediting Feature
  • Free Credit Tracking & Reconciliation
Research Guaranteed Returns Pharmacy Returns and Pharmaceutical Waste Managment Providers with Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs. All Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs with Guaranteed Returns Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor and the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution process. Research Guaranteed Returns Pharmacy Returns and Pharmaceutical Waste Managment Providers with Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs. All Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs with Guaranteed Returns Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor and the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution process.

 NPR (National Pharmaceutical Returns)
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NPR (National Pharmaceutical Returns)

Simplifying Returns

Off-Site Pharmaceutical Returns Processing Services • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

NPR Facts:

  • All inclusive service fees.
  • NPR offers FREE shipping.*
  • NPR offers FREE tracking of credits.
  • NPR offers FREE shipping to the manufacturers.
  • NPR offers FREE comprehensive reports that you can use for tax purposes (reports also available online).
  • NPR offers FREE disposal of non-returnable items and hazardous waste.*
  • NPR offers FREE use of NPR's holding morgue for in-dated products with the potential of future credit.
  • NPR is licensed to receive Schedule I drugs along with Schedule II-Vs.
  • NPR offers FREE 222 forms.
  • NPR’s secure website allows you to bar code scan your inventory. All drug information is auto-filled. All you have to do is fill in your quantities.

*With qualifying orders.

We accept products for return or disposal from all medical facilities including:
Retail Pharmacies
Hospital Pharmacies
Wholesaler Morgues
Ambulatory Services
Veterinary Facilities
Doctor’s Offices
Dentist’s Offices
Long Term Facilities
Infusion Services
Surgical Centers
Mail/Closed Door Pharmacies


NPR realizes the importance of staying in full regulatory compliance. This not only protects NPR, but our customers as well. All products marked for destruction are destroyed by means of incineration and within all regulatory guidelines.

  • NPR is licensed as a Large Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator. All return companies should have this classification and be able to provide proof.
  • NPR is in full compliance with: DEA, EPA, OSHA, DOT, VAWD and Individual State regulations.
  • NPR holds the appropriate licensing to conduct business and is adequately insured

Please call one of our Customer Care Representatives to see how we can help you today and in the future.

reverse distribution On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA

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