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 Guaranteed Returns
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Guaranteed Returns

The Industrys Choice for Pharmaceutical Returns

For over 25 years, Guaranteed Returns has provided pharmaceutical return services to hospital, government, independent retail, chain-store, LTC, Mail-Order and clinic pharmacies. Local GRx on-site service representatives are highly valued by customers for their professionalism, trustworthiness and for going above and beyond.

Guaranteed Returns puts their longevity and industry knowledge to work to obtain the maximum amount of credits for every pharmacy return. GRx concentrates on providing pharmaceutical return solutions that address all aspects of the business, beginning with the manufacturer, through crediting the customer.

Business review consultations, inventory management assistance and an unbeatable customer service department are just a few of the attributes that customers say sets GRx apart. Their flagship program, ReverseLink One has been branded as the most cost effective return goods program ever to be offered by any 3rd party returns company.

Guaranteed Returns is dedicated to making pharmaceutical returns as simple as possible for customers while attaining the maximum amount of credits. Guaranteed Returns puts their 25 years of knowledge to work every day continually investing in new programs, technologies and people - which is why GRx delivers Service You Can Count On.

ReverseLink One Highlights

  • Processing Over 1,000 Crediting Pharmaceutical & OTC Manufacturers For Maximum Credit
  • Over 80 Locally Based On-Site Reps Nationwide
  • Free Disposal Of All Non-Returnables
  • Free GR-XtraNET
    • Includes: Tracking, Monitoring, & Customizable Reports
  • No Invoicing, Fee Deducted From Actual Credits Received
  • Lump Sum Crediting Feature
  • Free Credit Tracking & Reconciliation
Research Guaranteed Returns Pharmacy Returns and Pharmaceutical Waste Managment Providers with Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs. All Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs with Guaranteed Returns Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor and the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution process. Research Guaranteed Returns Pharmacy Returns and Pharmaceutical Waste Managment Providers with Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs. All Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs with Guaranteed Returns Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor and the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution process.

 NPR (National Pharmaceutical Returns)
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NPR (National Pharmaceutical Returns)

Nationwide Full Service Reverse Distributor

Off-Site Pharmaceutical Returns Processing Services Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

NPR Facts:

  • Servicing customers nationally for 20 years
  • One of the first Reverse Distributors in the country to become VAWD accredited.
  • Fees are subtracted from actual credits received no upfront costs.
  • CASH Back Program option
  • Pharmaceutical waste consulting and management services.
  • Pharmaceutical formulary waste characterization reviews.
  • All inclusive service fees.
  • NPR offers FREE shipping.*
  • NPR offers FREE tracking of credits.
  • NPR offers FREE shipping to the manufacturers.
  • NPR offers FREE comprehensive reports that you can use for tax purposes (reports also available online).
  • NPR offers FREE disposal of non-returnable items and hazardous waste.*
  • NPR offers FREE use of NPR's holding morgue for in-dated products with the potential of future credit.
  • NPR is licensed to receive Schedule I drugs along with Schedule II-Vs.
  • NPR offers FREE DEA 222 forms.
  • NPRs website allows you to bar code scan your inventory. All drug information is auto-filled. All you have to do is fill in your quantities.

*With qualifying orders.

We accept products for return or disposal from all medical facilities including:
Retail Pharmacies
Hospital Pharmacies
Wholesaler Morgues
Ambulatory Services
Veterinary Facilities
Doctors Offices
Dentists Offices


NPR realizes the importance of staying in full regulatory compliance. This not only protects NPR, but our customers as well. All products marked for destruction are destroyed by means of incineration and within all regulatory guidelines.

  • NPR is VAWD accredited.
  • NPR is licensed as a Large Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator. All return companies should have this classification and be able to provide proof.
  • NPR is in full compliance with: DEA, EPA, OSHA, DOT, VAWD and Individual State regulations.
  • NPR holds the appropriate licensing to conduct business and is adequately insured.
reverse distribution On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA

 Waste Management Healthcare Solutions
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Waste Management Healthcare Solutions

Think Green - Think Waste Management

WM Healthcare Solutions is committed to being the customer advocate, charting the course through the maze of surprisingly complicated issues in order to maximize environmental improvements while providing overall cost effective solutions. WMHSs charter dictates that we provide the best solution for the customer whether thats working with our own network of internal suppliers or third-party vendor-partners.

Our job, as the waste management experts, is to help you leverage your total environmental program costs across a broad range of programs to not only be in compliance but takes a "beyond compliance" approach that strives for environmental excellence. We understand the waste industry and track emerging issues -- its what we do best so you can do what you do best - provide top-notch patient care.

Single source solution for all healthcare waste streams

WM Healthcare Solutions (WMHS) is a special services division of Waste Management, Inc. that provides a complete range of sustainable and cost-effective managed waste and environmental solutions specifically designed for the healthcare industry. WMHS aims to be the single source provider of operational and consulting services required to handle healthcares complex waste streams from compliance, safety, and risk assessments related to waste management to in-house operational logistics, to market assessment and collection and processing for a variety of waste streams.

We offer the following services:

  • Medical waste disposal
  • Pharmaceutical waste management services
  • Incineration
  • Universal waste (bulbs, batteries, electronics)
  • Solid waste
  • Recycling
  • Regulated medical waste
  • Hazardous chemical waste
  • Construction and Demolition waste
  • Low-level nuclear medical waste
  • Beneficial reuse Managing excess equipment and supplies
  • Waste data and financial analysis
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Waste assessments and consulting services
  • Education and training
  • Contracted in-house services
pharmaceutical waste biohazard clean up waste management workers
medical waste disposal pharmaceutical waste management services incineration universal waste solid waste recycling hazardous chemical waste management healthcare green recycle

Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
American Psychological Association Cognitive Therapy for Suicidal Patients: Scientific and Clinical Applications
Provided by: American Psychological Association
Description Suicide is one of the most daunting challenges that clinicians encounter in their practice. Unfortunately, compared with other mental health issues, there is a paucity of research designed to conceptualize and treat it. This may be why relatively few interventions have been developed specifically to prevent suicide. At the same time, t...
Child Psychology Continuing Education Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
This introductory course, from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), describes the symptoms and treatments for bipolar disorder (BPD) in children and adolescents. All parents can relate to the many changes their children go through as they grow up. But sometimes it’s hard to tell if a child is just going through a “phase,” or showin...
Steel Worker Continuing Education Single-Plate Connection Design to Meet Structural Integrity Requirements
Provided by: Steel Worker Continuing Education
This course involves reading and studying the following technical article found in the Third Quarter 2010 issues of Engineering Journal: "Single-Plate Connection Design to Meet Structural Integrity Requirements". The technical paper contains information on specific prescriptive structural integrity provisions and demonstrates how properly designed...
I-CAR Electrical Circuits and DVOM Usage
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Electrical/Mechanical Technicians Auto Physical Damage Appraiser Identify different parts of a circuit Understand how to use a digital volt-ohm meter (DVOM) Understand current, resistance, circuit value relationship, and voltage drop Identify types of series c...
Law Enforcement Continuing Education Vehicle Stops: Awareness & Survival
Provided by: Law Enforcement Continuing Education
This eight-hour program, Vehicle Stops: Awareness & Survival, will examine safety and investigative tactics used to initiate vehicle stops. Topics to be covered:  Constitutional Law Issues  Laws of Arrest  Parameters for Search and Seizure  Roadside Interview Techniques Please bring classroom materials (pen/pencil an...
The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, and Borrelia Miyamotoi
Provided by: The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Over the past several decades, the burden of tick borne illness has increased dramatically in the Northeastern U.S. Each year in Rhode Island, for example, tick bites cause about 1,000 new cases of Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and other potentially serious illnesses – at a cost of several million dollars. This problem was caused in large part by the...
Oncology Continuing Education Mobile App Lashed to the Mast in New Orleans: An Update on the Latest Advances in Acute Myeloid Leukemia from the 55th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology
Provided by: Oncology Continuing Education Mobile App
A CME-certified online interactive newsletter featuring meeting highlights from ASH 2013 about acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Clinical advances in the management of AML are occurring at a rapid rate as the treatment approach shifts from intensity of therapy to specificity of therapy. However, optimal utilization of genetic and molecular inf...
Nutrition Dimension West Nile Virus
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Since 1999, when it was first identified in the United States, the mosquitoborne disease West Nile virus (WNV) has spread across the country. The virus has been widely distributed for years throughout Africa, the Middle East and West Asia, but with its appearance in the United States, the virus has threatened an immunologically naïve pop...
Mortgage Broker Continuing Education Review of Maryland Mortgage Law
Provided by: Mortgage Broker Continuing Education
Five Hour Review of Maryland Mortgage Law provides a review of Maryland’s Mortgage Lender Law, Mortgage Originator Law, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Administrative Procedures Act, Finder’s Fee Law, and other laws and regulations that impact mortgage activities in Maryland. In Module 1, students will spend 60 minutes reviewing the Maryland Mort...
ScientiaCME Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): Therapeutic Updates, Best Practices, and Barriers to Care
Provided by: ScientiaCME
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States with nearly 221,000 new cases diagnosed and 156,390 deaths annually. While surgery in eligible candidates and early detection provide the best chances for cure, there are many patients who must be treated by alternative modalities, including those with advanced disease. ...
Marketing Continuing Education High-Impact Email Marketing - Online
Provided by: Marketing Continuing Education
Learn to develop and implement a permission-based email program. Which marketing channel has consistently produced the highest ROI over the last decade? The answer is email marketing. In that same period of time, countless marketing tactics and tools have rocketed onto the scene, only to fade away just as fast. In fact, only a handful of marketing...
Lab Tech Continuing Education An introduction to plant genetic engineering
Provided by: Lab Tech Continuing Education
This free webinar will introduce the latest genome editing technology for plant science researchers. Select from one of three live webinar sessions to learn more about cutting-edge technologies such as GeneArt® Precision TALs and Gateway® Cloning for your plant science research....
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Marketing Basics for Nurse Practitioners
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
Upon completion learners should be able to: • Discuss 3 reasons why marketing is essential for Nurse Practitioners. • Identify at least 5 venues in which the Nurse Practitioner can market his or her business and practice. • Describe the role of staff in your marketing efforts....
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons 8th Annual Otolaryngology Update in New York City
Provided by: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
This is our 8th Annual Update in Otolaryngology course; the host department has rotated between Columbia and Weill Cornell and all Updates have been affiliated with New York Presbyterian Hospital. Otolaryngologist/Head and Neck Surgeons practice both the medical and surgical aspects of our specialty. Advances can come rapidly from different areas. ...
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training ASHP - Pain Management (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
This course provides a learning module, an online competency assessment, and a visual validation checklist for the learner and supervisor to document proficiency in Pain Management. At the completion of this program the learner will demonstrate the ability to: 1. Define pain and describe the process of nociception. 2. Differentiate between acu...
Translator Continuing Education Time Management for Freelancers: How to Get Things Done!
Provided by: Translator Continuing Education
Poor time management is a major pitfall for many freelancers. Without a system for scheduling and prioritizing, we can end up earning less,feeling like we have no free time, and stressing out in our work and personal lives. This ATA webinar will look at practical ways to organize your day, prioritize what matters to you, and tame the beasts of m...
Mortgage Broker Continuing Education Review of West Virginia Mortgage Law
Provided by: Mortgage Broker Continuing Education
2 Hour Review of West Virginia Mortgage Law provides a review of West Virginia’s Consumer Credit and Protection Act, the Residential Mortgage Lender, Broker, and Servicer Act, and other laws that impact mortgage lending in West Virginia. The course offers a thorough review of areas such as the West Virginia Division of Banking, state law and reg...
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Wireless-LAN Radio Design
Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
As one of the few rising stars of the semiconductor industry, WLAN design is engaging more and more engineers and companies. Essential to the overall system design is the radio design. This tutorial will introduce the various flavors of the 802.11 WLAN PHY standards (A/B/G) and describe their specifications and impact on the radio design. The possi...
Epidemiology Continuing Education The Power of Policy Webinar 4 - Data-Driven Policy Strategies to Improve Community Health
Provided by: Epidemiology Continuing Education
As health departments strengthen their focus on systems and environmental change to improve community health, data collection and assessment are critical in helping to inform those efforts. APHA contracted with NORC at the University of Chicago to conduct 10 case studies examining how health departments engage in effective policy work and highlight...
I-CAR Replacement of Steel Unitized Structures
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Steel Structural Technician Auto Physical Damage Appraiser Removing and replacing spot welds and OEM laser welds When to replace at factory seams and when to fully replace a steel unitized part Considerations for working with other materials, such as aluminum, ...
Child Psychology Continuing Education A Girl's Eye View: Identifying and Supporting Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
Recent research and media attention has suggested that the experiences of girls with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) may be quite different from those of boys, resulting in the spotlight finally being turned to understanding gender differences. Despite the increase in interest, however, there remains limited information about addressing sex-relate...
Translator Continuing Education Word-Finding Assessment in Children and Adolescents: Beyond Picture Naming
Provided by: Translator Continuing Education
Extending our assessment knowledge beyond the picture-naming task, this program focuses on deep assessment in word finding. First, the theoretical underpinnings of word-finding assessment are discussed. Then, formal and informal procedures for the differential diagnosis of semantic versus phonologically based word-finding errors in both single word...
Electrical Engineering Continuing Education Low Voltage Fundamentals
Provided by: Electrical Engineering Continuing Education
There are many types of alarm systems in operation throughout the world today. As the technology becomes available, many different, new alarms appear in the marketplace. Alarm systems encompass an exceedingly large array of possibilities. These systems are very effective in protecting persons and property, are intrinsically dependable and difficult...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Safety Matters: Pediatric Medication Safety
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
Safety Matters: Pediatric Medication Safety includes educational material created to support education of pediatric patients' parents and caregivers on medication safety. Young children are at great risk for medication errors. It is critical for parents and other caregivers to understand how to administer medications to young children safely and to...
Inquisit DNV Healthcare Inc. Update of Standards Revisions and Key Survey Findings
Provided by: Inquisit
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) has changed the Conditions of Participation and Interpretive Guidelines within the State Operations Manual since July 2012. DNV has released an updated revision of their accreditation requirements and has addressed numerous sections to refine many of their standards and interpretive guidelines to be consisten...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners HCV PACT: Patient Advocacy Checklist for Hepatitis CE Virus Management
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
AANP created this handbook in partnership with the AAPA as a guideline for clinicians who are caring for patients with hepatitis C and to support a patient-centered approach to therapy. This booklet is downloadable. AANP–developed tools and resources are designed to keep NPs informed on important health issues and to assist them in educating t...
Banking Continuing Education Money and Banking Course
Provided by: Banking Continuing Education
Money and Banking teaches the role of money, credit, and financial institutions in the U.S. economy. Topics include commercial banks, thrifts, credit unions, the Federal Reserve system, credit markets, and monetary theory and policy. It emphasizes the effects of structural change, globalization, financial innovation, and technology on the financia...
Nutrition Dimension Chronic Illness and Malnutrition: A Dangerous Combination
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: A normal, healthy person has basic nutritional needs that, if not met, can cause health problems. Now throw in diabetes, heart disease and gastrointestinal illness, and the demands dramatically change. How are the nutritional needs of patients with chronic illnesses different? Why is it more challenging to meet their nutritional requireme...
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Update in Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition
Provided by: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Update in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition is a two-day review course that focuses on important recent developments and current controversies in gastrointestinal and liver disease, gastrointestinal cancers, and abdominal organ transplantation. The format will consist of succinct presentations and extensive discussion with audience partici...
Customer Service Continuing Education Business Marketing Writing
Provided by: Customer Service Continuing Education
Whatever your background, this fun, introductory course will teach you to write or identify copy that achieves business and marketing goals. Improve your work, your knowledge, your company's image, and your chances of getting hired, promoted or applauded! Using clear explanations, real-life examples, and an animated style, the course solidifies t...
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