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Need a Complete Clinical Solution for Your Health System?
Not a Problem.

Tired of dealing with the headaches and hassles of piecing together the clinical information, tools and other resources you need to efficiently perform your job and effectively take care of your patients?

Enter Gold Standard.

We’re committed to delivering clinical information software solutions that streamline workflow, enhance patient safety and improve the way your facility provides healthcare. Developed by a highly trained staff of professionals, easily integrate any or all of these resources:

Drug Information
Award-winning Clinical Pharmacology real-time drug information to prevent drug errors, reduce adverse events, effectively counsel patients on their medications, and improve health outcomes

Toxicology Information
Point-of-care ToxED electronic clinical toxicology resource to immediately access critical information on emergency treatments, specific poisons and drug overdoses, chemical exposures, and more

Clinical Intervention Documentation and Reporting
Comprehensive Clini-Doc and RxRounds Interventions clinical intervention documentation and reporting systems to measure the financial impact of your pharmacy’s clinical activities

Formulary Management
Hospital-preferred formulary management software, FormChecker, to aid in JCAHO compliance, ensure pharmacy guidelines are met, and to reduce time spent on management of formulary conversions

Electronic Forms and Reports
Customized forms and reports for web and PDA, RxRounds Flexible Forms and Reports, to instantly capture information, automate data, easily generate reports, and analyze resources

Pharmacy Communication Portal
Convenient Pharmacy Hub communication portal to share files and connect your health system to best-of-breed solutions for pharmacy practice, informed decision-making, and better bottom line results

For more information about Gold Standard’s clinical solutions, a complimentary demo, or to contact us, use the link provided below.

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Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Paralegal Continuing Education Don’t Forget Medicare, or Else!!!
Provided by: Paralegal Continuing Education
This webinar will discuss the Medicare lien process, including proven approaches and resolution tactics for personal injury matters....
Electrical Engineering Continuing Education Texas State Laws & Rules for Electricians
Provided by: Electrical Engineering Continuing Education
At the conclusion of this course, you will have a better understanding and knowledge of the laws and rules which govern electricians in the State of Texas. You will be able to: 1) Identify the various professions and sub-professions regulated by the Texas laws and rules for electricians, and the responsibilities and limitations of each license ...
California State University San Bernardino CE Human Resources Management Certificate
Provided by: California State University San Bernardino CE
This certificate program provides you with up-to-date information and important skills needed to succeed today in the HR field. It offers a comprehensive overview of HR issues affecting the workplace including legal aspects, recruitment, retention, performance, labor relations, workers’ compensation and how to use HR technology systems to mana...
Boot Camp Coffee Coffee Varieties
Provided by: Boot Camp Coffee
Customers nowadays want more transparent information about their coffee, much as the wine industry experienced some time ago. Naming the variety is becoming standard in the coffee industry. How do these coffee plants look? What is the difference between them? Our trainers and farmers from all over the coffee world will introduce them. We plan to ad...
Dental Continuing Education Bruxism: Diagnosing Types of Tooth Wear
Provided by: Dental Continuing Education
Wear is a common problem we see in our practices. Deciding how to help our patients preserve their tooth structure and dental health depends on the cause of the wear. At the top of the list are attrition, caused by rubbing the teeth together and erosion where the teeth dissolve due to the presence of acid. Additionally we can see tooth wear from ab...
Sales Continuing Education Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century
Provided by: Sales Continuing Education
Participants will examine the current strategies and practices surrounding sales and marketing in this 21st Century global economy. The majority of the work will be accomplished in an asynchronous (any time, any place) environment with synchronous elements scheduled periodically based on participant need and schedules....
New England Culinary Institute Kitchen Garden
Provided by: New England Culinary Institute
Once a phrase that brought images of a small herb based plot to mind, the contemporary kitchen garden has become more substantial and sustainable. The number of food service professionals “growing their own” is on the rise and many operations employ full time gardeners to tend their gardens and orchards. Savvy operators are developing relations...
Culinary Continuing Education Cheesecyclopedia Online Course - FREE
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
The Cheesecyclopedia Self-Study Course provides practical cheese information valuable to the novice as well as the professional. ...
Human Resources CE How the Multiple Mini-Interview Has Become the Better Predictor for Future Job Performance
Provided by: Human Resources CE
The Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) predicts future performance twice as strongly as gold standard traditional interviews. Based upon ten years of research at McMaster University, you will learn how institutions with large applicant numbers for high stakes positions can enhance predictive validity for better future employee performance out to five ye...
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training Skillsoft - Basic Accounting Principles and Framework (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
Overview/Description Accounting and finance are the universal languages of business, and their functions form the core of most organizations. The accounting function sets up the bookkeeping system, monitors it, prepares and presents the financial statements to management, and interprets them as needed. Bookkeeping is a part of the accounting funct...
Phlebotomy CE LabCE - Routine Venipuncture (Online Phlebotomy / Phlebotomist CE Course)
Provided by: Phlebotomy CE
Authors: Mary Ertl Dettmann, MA, CLS, MT(ASCP); Beth Kratzer, CLS, MT(ASCP) Reviewer: Barbara Cebulski, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM A blood test is only as good as the specimen that is collected. Routine Venipuncture is an excellent course for novice or experienced phlebotomists. Review the important aspects of your blood collection procedures, including t...
CareerTapp Arkansas Career & CE Mobile Apps.
Provided by: CareerTapp
isit to discover hundreds of mobile apps focused on Arkansas jobs and Arkansas continuing education & training activities....
I-CAR Structural Aluminum Repair Processes
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Aluminum Structural Technician Auto Physical Damage Appraiser Identify parts of a vehicle and tools for repair Understand considerations around repair plans and replacement part options for repairs Identify aluminum attachment methods Understand repair methods...
Nutrition Dimension Herbal Supplements
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: The prevalence of herbal supplements presents a unique challenge to health professionals. It is vital for health practitioners to gain expertise in the efficacy of dietary supplements and to be informed of the use, possible risks, interactions and benefits, and advise consumers on the appropriate use of dietary supplements. This course fe...
The New School Wordpress Basics
Provided by: The New School
This course is an introduction to WordPress, a powerful open-source content management system. Learn how to use and customize this system to create dynamic websites. Students are introduced to the basics of CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Limited to 16. Open to Non-Credit and Certificate Students. Open to Degree students with permission of program ...
Paramedic Continuing Education Aging Immune Systems Make Older Adults More Vulnerable to Attack
Provided by: Paramedic Continuing Education
This updated module will help healthcare professionals as a team understand how age-related changes in the immune system increase the risk for and severity of common infections in elderly patients....
Steel Worker Continuing Education Pushing the Envelope: Facade Attachments to Steel Frames
Provided by: Steel Worker Continuing Education
The online course involves reading and studying a technical article that appeared in the December 2007 issue of Modern Steel Construction. Upon completion of study, the attendee is given a 10-question examination testing his or her knowledge on the technical content of the article. Attendees are required to correctly answer at least seven questions...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Understanding Business Law: What You Don’t Know Will Harm You
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
All NPs need to be aware and understand the potential for legal pitfalls and how they may affect you and your practice. What’s all the fuss about the Stark Law and what constitutes medical fraud? Understand the finer points of federal employment laws. And, learn how OSHA, HIPAA, the IRS and OIG impact you and your practice. This session was...
American Society of Civil Engineers Calculation and use of Time Concentration (AWI052013)
Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
Purpose and Background Time of concentration is a frequently overlooked parameter in urban drainage design. It is often calculated using one of several common equations that are selected based on user familiarity rather than on the characteristics of the drainage basin. Time of concentration can also be calculated incorrectly when the emphasis i...
Culinary Continuing Education Food Allergy Education: Restaurant Management & Supervisors
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
This course provides food allergen awareness and education for management in the restaurant / food service industry. We offer best practices for concepts in Food Allergy Basics, FOH, BOH, Menu Development, and Management Responsibilities (a smaple emergency protocol is provided, prevention and knowledge are key). Additional focus on ordering, recei...
Nutrition Dimension Obesity Management
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Data from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases indicates that more than two thirds of U.S. adults are overweight (33.1%) or obese (35.7%) with an additional 6% classified as extremely obese. Nearly one third (31.8 %) of youths ages 2 to 19 are overweight or obese. The American Medical Association voted in J...
Nutrition Dimension Importance of Nutritional Status in Pregnancy Outcomes
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: The health and eating habits of the mother directly affect the fetus and the outcome of pregnancy. The most important controllable factors in perinatal mortality are prenatal medical care and adequate nutrition during pregnancy. Malnutrition and poor eating habits lead to maternal, fetal and neonatal complications, such as low birth weigh...
Optometry Continuing Education Medical Syndromes That Affect Children's Vision
Provided by: Optometry Continuing Education
These conditions aren't ordinary—nor should be your evaluation and treatment of these children....
Culinary Continuing Education Sous-Vide HACCP
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
This certificate class continues the sous-vide education that incorproates HACCP education and relates it to sous-vide cooking. After completing the course, the participant will be able to develop a HACCP plan to bring for approval to their local health authority. ...
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS): Merging the Mobile and the Internet World
Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Abstract The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is considered as the platform of choice for providing a unified session control on top of various access network technologies for realizing flexible multimedia applications. IMS, with its access-agnostic session layer, is also driving the concept of merging the fixed and mobile telecommunication networks w...
FirefighterCE Fire Streams, Patterns & Nozzles
Provided by: FirefighterCE
Fire Service.Level 1 Fire Streams, Patterns & Nozzles 2.00 *MUST BE LOGGED IN*...
BlueVolt Oregon - Motors & Controls (2011) - 16 Credit Hours
Provided by: BlueVolt
Course Learning Objectives: Provide an overview of Article 430 Promote safety awareness Increase familiarity with article 430 of the NEC Apply article 430 of the NEC to motor and control installations Use the NEC to calculate the size of disconnects, conductors, overload protection and overcurrent protection Demonstrate safe practices for m...
Forestry Continuing Education Logger Business - Communication
Provided by: Forestry Continuing Education
Ron Hufford, Texas Forestry Association, discusses the importance of proper communication with public officials, and how to do so effectively. Recorded on Thursday, April 7, 2011 in Lufkin, Texas....
BlueVolt Georgia - 2011 Changes to the NEC, Part I (Articles 90-300) - 4 Credit Hours
Provided by: BlueVolt
It's so convenient to learn about the 2011 Changes to the NEC online and earn your state-approved CEUs. The course is broken up into chapters (by article), covering the most significant electrical code changes. Start and stop as often as you like Try it out! You only pay after you pass the course...
I-CAR Steel Unibody Front and Rear Rails, Floors, and Front Structure
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Steel Structural Technician Auto Physical Damage Appraiser This course was discontinued on November 4, 2013 in combination with the discontinuation of Steel Unibody, A-, B-, C-, D-Pillars, and Rocker Panels (SPS02) on the same day. Both courses were replaced by t...
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