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Drug Knowledge, LLC promotes greater awareness and the safe use of medications through proprietarily developed Drug Informational Databases, which can be used to:

  • Educate patients about their medications for increased medication adherence/compliance
  • Inform health care providers on important aspects of a medication to communicate to the patient or caregiver

Drug Information Databases

Drug Knowledge's propriety Drug Information Databases make up the Comprehensive Medication Counseling Database (CMCD)™. The (CMCD)™ containers over 220,000 unique NDCs (Rx and OTC) with patient information coded to the Dosage Form and Route of Administration. The full (CMCD)™ is comprised of the following databases:

  • Mini-Medication
  • Patient Medication Advisories
  • Therapy Monitoring Monographs (ideal for nursing homes and institutions)

The full database can be incorporated into various software platforms, including Electronic Medical Records, Medical/Pharmaceutical software, and mobile applications - wherever Patient Drug Information needs to be accessed.

Adherence is enhanced when a patient understands their condition, and the benefits of their treatment.

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Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Child Psychology Continuing Education Online Class: Child Psychology 101
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
This course introduces the methods, theories and main concepts used by psychologists to develop a real insight into the world of children. Child psychology is extremely important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is being able to understand and accurately predict a reasonable norm for child development. Proper discipline, teaching...
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers A Primer on Cluster Analysis: I. Models and Algorithms
Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
This tutorial - the first in a series of three - provides a foundation for understanding the field of cluster analysis in unlabeled data. The target audience for this course comprises undergraduate and graduate students majoring in engineering and science, as well as practicing engineers and scientists interested in either research about or applica...
CareerTapp South Dakota Career & CE Mobile Apps.
Provided by: CareerTapp
Visit to discover hundreds of mobile apps focused on South Dakota jobs and South Dakota continuing education & training activities....
Paralegal Continuing Education The Paralegal's Guide to Collecting Post-Judgment: Methods That Work
Provided by: Paralegal Continuing Education
Any collections matter you work on is going to require extensive research and document preparation. Are you confident in your abilities to work through issues from every possible angle in order to avoid costly delays? Learn from an experienced paralegal who can provide you with tried and true tactics you can take back to your desk and utilize right...
Financial Advisor Continuing Education Estate Planning Final Case Study
Provided by: Financial Advisor Continuing Education
Estate Planning Final Case Study provides an opportunity to apply concepts learned in earlier estate planning courses to real-world client situations and is appropriate for Trust Officers who have completed the five Estate Planning courses in Levels 2 and 3. Audience Trust Officers who have completed Building Trust Expertise Levels 1 and 2 an...
PDHOnline An Introduction to Environmental Regulations for Manufacturers and Industry
Provided by: PDHOnline
This three-hour course introduces the environmental regulatory system in the United States. It presents an introduction to the major federal environmental rules affecting manufacturers and industry. This course is organized to present these rules as follows: General requirements for chemical and materials management Air quality and emissions con...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Uncovering the Mask of Borderline Personality Disorder: Knowledge to Empower Primary Care Providers
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
This manuscript will provide a review of the literature and a report on the findings of a qualitative study that explored the lived experiences of people with borderline personality disorder (BPD). It also offers resources designed to empower healthcare professionals to provide timely and accurate referrals, diagnosis, or collaborative management o...
Cleveland Clinic CME Current Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Therapies - Has Nice Changed the Status Quo?
Provided by: Cleveland Clinic CME
Pulmonary Hypertension Webcast Series provides an overview of the practical issues in the diagnosis, evaluation, and management of patients with pulmonary hypertension. Recent advances and future directions of medical care are discussed in the context of their potential impact and application for clinical practice. Expert speakers will present the ...
ATrain Education Inc. Dementia Care: Common Sense Guidelines
Provided by: ATrain Education Inc.
The course is based on the book entitled Kisses for Elizabeth: A Common Sense Approach to Alzheimer’s and Dementia (2012), by Stephanie Zeman, RN, MSN. All the case studies are real, although patient names have been changed to protect their privacy. The book contains 35 additional cases based on Zeman’s experience in working with Alzheimer’s ...
Nonprofit Continuing Education Board Governance
Provided by: Nonprofit Continuing Education
Of all the challenges facing a nonprofit, managing the board can certainly be one of the most daunting. This thought-provoking course addresses issues common to nonprofit boards and crucial to a nonprofit’s success. Here, viewers will find a host of creative, practical ways to recruit, engage, and involve a diverse board. But they’ll also f...
ed2go Introduction to Adobe Edge Animate
Provided by: ed2go
For years, creating animated and interactive content on the Web has required learning complex tools and managing proprietary plug-ins. With Adobe Edge Animate, that has changed. Using this tool, designers can create engaging content and graphics quickly and easily, relying on widely-accepted Web standards and requiring a minimal amount of code. ...
Substance Abuse Continuing Education Crisis Intervention for Co-Morbid and Complex Populations
Provided by: Substance Abuse Continuing Education
This presentation covers, taking a good history, defining crisis, review of 5 axis as they relate to intervention clients and a protocol for suicidal and violent clients. We will also review Duty to report, working with outside agencies such as Police, EMS and Emergency rooms and finally, making an intervention case. Objectives: Individuals wi...
University of New Mexico Continuing Education Human Rsource Development (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)
Provided by: University of New Mexico Continuing Education
This course examines Human Resource Development (HRD) and Organizational Development (OD) activities and initiatives. This course also examines OD theories and applications and provides direction to HR professionals on how to approach OD initiatives to ensure they support organizational objectives. This course examines human resources development t...
Contemporary Forums A Tour of Congenital Heart Disease: Where the Blood Flows
Provided by: Contemporary Forums
Learning Objectives: Review the different types of Congenital Heart Lesions. Discuss the physiology of the ductal dependent lesions. Differentiate between the right and left sided obstructive lesions and mixing lesions. Review the pre-op management of the most common lesions....
American Psychological Association Impulsivity: The Behavioral and Neurological Science of Discounting
Provided by: American Psychological Association
Learning Objectives Describe the most common procedures that are used to study discounting in humans and nonhuman animals. Explain the most widely studied mathematical models of discounting. Describe the relationship between discounting and drugs of abuse in both humans and nonhuman animals. Identify the various populations, situations, and com...
Columbia University, Department of Medicine The Bermuda Cruise - 4th Annual Clinical Pearls of Internal Medicine
Provided by: Columbia University, Department of Medicine
7-Night Bermuda Cruise on Norwegian Breakaway Round-trip from New York City August 28 - September 4, 2016 Need to get away? Need accredited hours? You can have both... Features: 3 days training onboard 3 full days in Bermuda World-class educators Ivy league University 21 hours ACCME Credits Sail from NYC Voted 2013 Best Cruise f...
Forestry Continuing Education McIntire-Stennis Forestry Research Act
Provided by: Forestry Continuing Education
History and Importance of the McIntire-Stennis Forestry Research Act. Presented by Dr. Steve Bullard, Dean of Arthur Temple College of Forestry & Agriculture, Stephen F. Austin State University at the 2012 annual meeting of the Texas Forestry Association....
Forestry Continuing Education Logger Business - Retirement
Provided by: Forestry Continuing Education
John Thannisch, First Bank & Trust, presents a look at retirement plans for loggers, particularly looking at various Profit Sharing Plans. Recorded at the Texas Pro Logger Business training event on Thursday, April 7, 2011 in Lufkin Texas. ...
I-CAR Vehicle Technology and Trends 2013
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Steel Structural Technician Aluminum Structural Technician Non-Structural Technician Electrical/Mechanical Technicians Refinish Technician Auto Physical Damage Appraiser Recognize new vehicle materials and designs, safety features, park-assist systems, collis...
Lab Tech Continuing Education Introduction to simplified vector design and integrated gene synthesis ordering through new Vector NTI® Express Designer Software
Provided by: Lab Tech Continuing Education
Vector NTI® Express Designer Software leads the way in engineering the next generation of in silico cloning and assembly. The newly developed interface is a virtual project canvas for both simplified drag-and-drop vector construction and simplified sequence alignment between projects. In this webinar, you will learn step-by-step how to operate ...
Paralegal Continuing Education Wills, Trusts, and Estates
Provided by: Paralegal Continuing Education
The Wills, Trusts, and Estates Advanced Paralegal Course uses succinct coverage of key topics, as well as helpful guides and step-by-step instructions, to prepare you for your role as a paralegal in the administration of wills, trusts, and estates. Are you ready to move up in your firm? This course will prepare you to assist attorneys as they plan ...
Harvard Medical School Lifestyle Medicine Competencies Case Study
Provided by: Harvard Medical School
The physician serves a crucial role in the interdisciplinary team that can effectively help patients prevent and manage chronic disease by initiating and sustaining healthy lifestyle practices. Studies show that when physicians offer counseling, patients are more likely to attempt lifestyle change, make improvements, and achieve healthy lifestyle g...
American Management Association Sponsoring Women to Career Success
Provided by: American Management Association
You Need a Sponsor to Fast-Track Your Career What’s the difference between a mentor and sponsor? Think of mentors as the friendly guides who dispense helpful information, offering up input and advice to mentees. Sponsors, on the other hand, are defined by their organizational clout and ability to open doors; they will personally advocate for a ...
Real Estate Continuing Education A Day in the Life of a Buyer Agent
Provided by: Real Estate Continuing Education
This course begins by touching briefly on the fiduciary duties before moving on to things you might consider doing for you buyer client. Things such as: assisting your client in determining preferences and timeline, going over the potential issues that may arise throughout the buying process, locating suitable properties, as well as constructing an...
Child Psychology Continuing Education Building Resilience in your Young Client
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
It has long been observed that there are certain children who experience better outcomes than others who are subjected to similar adversities, and a significant amount of literature has been devoted to the question of why this disparity exists. Research has largely focused on what has been termed “resilience.” Health professionals are treating ...
Substance Abuse Continuing Education The History of Recovery in the United States and the Addiction Profession
Provided by: Substance Abuse Continuing Education
Since its inception, the addiction profession has been a leader in the recovery movement. This webinar will outline major milestones in the history of addiction recovery in the United States and its role in the addiction profession. The presentation will span the rise of Native American recovery circles in the 1700s through the rise of a new reco...
Culinary Continuing Education Cross Contamination Action Ideas (Free)
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
Try this free CEH course being offered online by National Pasteurized Eggs. The course, Cross Contamination Action Ideas, addresses the issues that lead to foodborne illnesses. This course will teach you how to identify cross contamination as a contributing factor to foodborne illness; provide diverse examples of cross contamination; name at least ...
Nutrition Dimension Cultural and Linguistic Competence for Today’s Healthcare Professionals, Part 4
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Healthcare providers must communicate effectively with limited-English-proficient patients to ensure patient safety and quality of care. It is necessary to be able to comply with government regulations, meet accreditation standards and provide evidence-based care. Providers also need to know how to use interpreters and how to evaluate who...
BlueVolt Nevada - Motors and Controls (2008) - 8 CE Credits
Provided by: BlueVolt
It’s easy to learn about Motors and Controls and earn your CEUs. This course helps define the terms and guidelines set forth in Article 430 and explores the equipment necessary to install a code-compliant motor system. An applied installation example is explored incrementally as the course progresses....
PDHdirect An Engineers Guide to Influencing Public Policy (PG100)
Provided by: PDHdirect
It is impossible to influence public policy without a realistic appreciation of the interpersonal dynamics of legislative and other government bodies. This course will tell you how engineers need to approach public policy makers if they want to be effective and persuasive. It is from the perspective of a professional engineer who spent nine years...

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