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Need a Complete Clinical Solution for Your Health System?
Not a Problem.

Tired of dealing with the headaches and hassles of piecing together the clinical information, tools and other resources you need to efficiently perform your job and effectively take care of your patients?

Enter Gold Standard.

We’re committed to delivering clinical information software solutions that streamline workflow, enhance patient safety and improve the way your facility provides healthcare. Developed by a highly trained staff of professionals, easily integrate any or all of these resources:

Drug Information
Award-winning Clinical Pharmacology real-time drug information to prevent drug errors, reduce adverse events, effectively counsel patients on their medications, and improve health outcomes

Toxicology Information
Point-of-care ToxED electronic clinical toxicology resource to immediately access critical information on emergency treatments, specific poisons and drug overdoses, chemical exposures, and more

Clinical Intervention Documentation and Reporting
Comprehensive Clini-Doc and RxRounds Interventions clinical intervention documentation and reporting systems to measure the financial impact of your pharmacy’s clinical activities

Formulary Management
Hospital-preferred formulary management software, FormChecker, to aid in JCAHO compliance, ensure pharmacy guidelines are met, and to reduce time spent on management of formulary conversions

Electronic Forms and Reports
Customized forms and reports for web and PDA, RxRounds Flexible Forms and Reports, to instantly capture information, automate data, easily generate reports, and analyze resources

Pharmacy Communication Portal
Convenient Pharmacy Hub communication portal to share files and connect your health system to best-of-breed solutions for pharmacy practice, informed decision-making, and better bottom line results

For more information about Gold Standard’s clinical solutions, a complimentary demo, or to contact us, use the link provided below.

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Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Epidemiology Continuing Education Notes from the Field: Oregon’s and Illinois’ Experiences with Public Health and Health Care Integration
Provided by: Epidemiology Continuing Education
After this webinar, participants will be able to describe the role of the epidemiologist in a post-ACA environment. and describe the importance of metrics for successful public health and primary care integration efforts...
Medical Learning Institute Patient-Centered Care for the Patient with Multiple Sclerosis: The Role of the Case Manager
Provided by: Medical Learning Institute
The activity is accredited for nurses and case managers. Learning Objectives Upon completion of this activity, the participant will be able to: • Define how the decline in QoL in MS patients impacts productivity • Determine the issues that complicate and interrupt early diagnosis, treatment, and medication adherence • Review current...
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Optical Biomedical Sensors
Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Early diagnostics of diseases is the key to treatment, cure, and fatality prevention. Various biomedical sensors are available or being developed to achieve early disease diagnostics with non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasonic imaging, X-ray imaging, CT scan, optical coherent tomography (...
Nutrition Dimension Surgery and Medications for Weight Loss
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Surgery is never the first choice for weight loss and should only be selected as an option once conservative methods have failed. The most common bariatric procedures used in North America are gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric banding. With surgery, either the amount of food a person can eat at one time is restricted or food abso...
Financial Advisor Continuing Education A Guide to Ethics in Investments
Provided by: Financial Advisor Continuing Education
A Guide to Ethics in Investments details the purpose of the laws that relate to ethical conduct for an investment manager. It stresses the importance of the trust officer to uphold the fiduciary duty to the trust by concentrating on trustee duties, custody of client assets, and recognizing the penalties for violating fiduciary duties. In addition, ...
Translator Continuing Education How to Make Translators Rave About Your Company
Provided by: Translator Continuing Education
This presentation will discuss common-sense business practices that improve the working relationship between the freelance translator and the agency. The presenter is an experienced translator who enjoys working for other language services providers, and takes a number of factors into consideration when deciding whether to work for a client the fir...
Online Engineering PDH Advanced Wastewater Treatment
Provided by: Online Engineering PDH
This course will introduce you to advanced wastewater treatment processes that provide higher quality wastewater discharge than achievable with primary and secondary treatment alone. You will learn about polishing ponds, post-aeration, microstraining, filtration, activated carbon adsorption, phosphorous removal, land application systems, nitrificat...
Nutrition Dimension The Patient With Meniere's Disease
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Vertigo is more than a Hitchcock movie. It’s the major, disabling symptom in an unpredictable condition — Meniere’s disease — that is diagnosed in 45,000 Americans yearly.Vertigo can be key to recognizing this chronic, incurable problem. What it is and what causes it are nearly as mysterious now as when it was first described 150 ...
Customer Service Continuing Education Generations in the Workplace
Provided by: Customer Service Continuing Education
The existence of multiple generations in the workplace has enormous impact on your work environment especially considering the rate of retirement of Baby Boomers and the emergence of Generation Y. This webinar explains effective approaches that can engage and motivate different generations as well as points of potential tension and disconnection....
Boston College Forensics in Health Certificate
Provided by: Boston College
Crime and violence bring together two of the most powerful systems that impact health, justice, and the daily lives of citizens. The aim of the Forensics in Health Certificate Program is to prepare health care, social service and legal professionals to respond effectively to the bio-psycho-social needs of individuals, families, and communities as t...
Canter and Associates, LLC Building Your Repertoire of Teaching Strategies
Provided by: Canter and Associates, LLC
In today’s diverse classrooms, your ability to reach all your students requires a full repertoire of teaching strategies. This graduate-level course features several dynamic strategies that build on your existing teaching skills, and gives you insights on when and how to use them. Explore four innovative models of effective instruction that range...
American Psychological Association Problem-Solving Therapy Depression
Provided by: American Psychological Association
Description Problem-Solving Therapy (PST) is an evidenced-based intervention for treating both adult and late-life depression. Based on research identifying ineffective problem-solving ability to be an important vulnerability factor for depression, PST fosters adoption and implementation of adaptive problem-solving attitudes and behaviors as a mea...
Paralegal Continuing Education Business and Corporate Law
Provided by: Paralegal Continuing Education
Are you a paralegal who’s ready for more responsibility? The Business and Corporate Law course helps you master important topics related to business law, including international law, dispute resolution, contract law and theory, agency law and agency relationships, fair employment practices laws, and intellectual property law. In addition, you wil...
Sales Continuing Education Interpersonal Negotiations: Breaking Down the Barriers
Provided by: Sales Continuing Education
In this 20-hour course you’ll learn to recognize and understand your own needs and those of the other person, assess the other person's behavioral and emotional responses, encourage mutual understanding and acceptance, avoid getting mired in the process, and learn to be creative and persistent to address and resolve blocks to successful negotiati...
American Cancer Society Progress and Controversies: Radiation Therapy for Invasive Breast Cancer
Provided by: American Cancer Society
The mission of the continuing professional education program of the ACS is to provide accurate, timely, and relevant continuing education in cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and palliation, in order to support the Society’s goals of decreasing cancer incidence and mortality, and improving quality of life for...
Provided by: NobleCE
The agent will become familiar with charitable trust organizations and the functions of these organizations. It is very important for the agent to understand the differences between these organizations, thus the text thoroughly explains all the aspects of these organizations. The first section begins with an explanation of charitable lead requir...
Columbia University School of Continuing Education NECR K4105. Introduction to Negotiation
Provided by: Columbia University School of Continuing Education
Negotiation is one of the most important strategies in conflict resolution and is used routinely by all humans to resolve conflict and potential conflict successfully. This course examines both theoretical and practical implications of diverse assumptions and strategies. Students develop a deeper self-awareness of their role in the creation, perpet...
Construction Continuing Education AIA and ConsensusDOCS Construction Contract Documents - The Contest Continues: Comparison and Contrast
Provided by: Construction Continuing Education
Hardly a business day goes by in the construction industry when the parties involved in the construction contracting process encounter standard form contract documents. There are now at least two principal sources of such standard form construction contract documents that dominate the marketplace with the 2007 editions of their respective families ...
Steel Worker Continuing Education Facade Attachments to Steel Framed Buildings
Provided by: Steel Worker Continuing Education
One of the most challenging details facing structural designers is the support of a building facade. The complexity of this attachment is not to be overlooked, and the entire design team should be engaged in developing a strategy for supporting the facade system in order to prevent unplanned changes and problems in the field. The structural designe... 2014 URAC - HIPAA Compliance and Case Management
Provided by:
OBJECTIVES 1. Describe and discuss the major goal(s) of: (a) the Security Rule and (b) the Privacy Rule. 2. Differentiate between "covered entities" and "business associates" (Including examples and discussion of their functions). 3. Analyze the role of HIPAA as it relates to the role of Case Managers....
CareerTapp North Dakota Career & CE Mobile Apps.
Provided by: CareerTapp
Visit to discover hundreds of mobile apps focused on North Dakota jobs and North Dakota continuing education & training activities....
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training ASHP - Chemotherapy Preparation and Biological Safety Cabinets (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
This course provides an online competency test and a visual validation checklist for the learner and supervisor to document proficiency in Chemotherapy Preparation and Biological Safety Cabinets....
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training Skillsoft - Business Writing: How to Write Clearly and Concisely- (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
Overview/Description People who have no problem communicating clearly when they speak sometimes struggle to make themselves understood when they write. That's because the ability to write clearly and concisely is a skill that requires effort to master. Acquiring this skill gives you the tools to create effective business documents for readers who ...
Plumbing Continuing Education Comparing the Design Considerations of Non-Metallic Plumbing Systems
Provided by: Plumbing Continuing Education
This one-hour seminar will provide Plumbing Engineers and Designers, Building Officials, Plumbing Contractors, and Building Maintenance Engineers with an in-depth, technical comparison of the various non-metallic plumbing system options available on the market today. As a growing number of non-metallic alternatives continue to replace traditional m...
Firefighter Continuing Education Unmasking The Threat of HCN and CO
Provided by: Firefighter Continuing Education
Modern technology has changed the way fire burns. It's hotter, flashovers are faster and it's much more toxic. As a result, firefighters have been dying from toxic chemicals like HCN and CO. Dräger is now offering a webinar program to educate you on ways to protect yourself....
Paralegal Continuing Education Personal Injury and Torts
Provided by: Paralegal Continuing Education
Tort law is in the arena of law that is primarily responsible for trying to make citizens whole after they have been injured by the wrongs (torts) of others. Lawsuits concerning torts are numerous, and there are many opportunities for paralegals specializing in this field. Are you ready to move up in your firm? The Personal Injury/Torts course cove...
Customer Service Continuing Education Interpersonal Negotiations: Breaking Down the Barriers
Provided by: Customer Service Continuing Education
In this 20-hour course you’ll learn to recognize and understand your own needs and those of the other person, assess the other person's behavioral and emotional responses, encourage mutual understanding and acceptance, avoid getting mired in the process, and learn to be creative and persistent to address and resolve blocks to successful negotiati...
I-CAR Steel Unibody, A-, B-, C-, D-Pillars, and Rocker Panels
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Steel Structural Technician Auto Physical Damage Appraiser This course was discontinued on November 4, 2013 in combination with the discontinuation of Steel Unibody, Front and Rear Rails, Floors, and Front Structure (SPS01) on the same day. Both courses were repl...
BlueVolt Kansas - Fire Alarms - 4 credit hours
Provided by: BlueVolt
This course will cover basics of fire alarm systems and review code requirements from the National Electrical Code and NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code. The Chapter Modules are optional, but you must pass each short, required Chapter Quiz with a 70% or better to complete the course....
Phlebotomy CE Detecting and Evaluating Coagulation Inhibitors and Factor Deficiencies
Provided by: Phlebotomy CE
What causes a patient's prothrombin time and/or activated partial thromboplastin time to be prolonged when the patient is not on anticoagulant therapy? Is it something that happened as a result of the collection process, is it related to an illness, or is it perhaps related to a factor deficiency or a circulating coagulation inhibitor? This course ...


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