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For over 14 years, our development team has interacted with our extensive NexTech Systems family, consisting of more than 3,500 surgeons, physician, and over 30,000 in staff, to create the tools vital to managing their practices. Offices wanted a clean, intuitive, and comprehensive system that was user-friendly. NexTech is that system.

NexTech’s Mission is to develop and support the best Practice Management, Marketing and EMR software to exceed the needs of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Medical Spas and Refractive Surgeons. We commit ourselves to no less than a standard of excellence and always serve the best interests of our clients, employees and the community.

Practice Management Software

A powerful and complete marketing, billing and Electronic Medical record Software solution, Practice 2011 is modular, fully integrated designed to meet the needs of offices of all sizes, from the newest startup to the largest established practice. It offers website integration, mass e-mailing and e-billing. It links to photo imaging, CareCredit, Smart Phones, tablet PC’s and barcode scanners.

EMR Software

NexTech’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software is fully integrated with Practice 2011 and has comprehensive templates tailored to your specialty. The EMR software module is fully customizable and can be adapted to your practice and patient workflow. NexTech's specific EMR software system has the unique capability to query data for reports and medical studies.

Specifically Designed for Your Specialty:

Plastic Surgery: NexTech Practice 2011 is a complete Plastic Surgery software solution; fully integrated for Practice Management, Plastic Surgery EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and Marketing. Specifically designed for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic Medical Practices, NexTech's plastic surgery software is modular and easily adaptable.

Dermatology: NexTech offers a certified Dermatology EMR (electronic medical record) and Dermatology practice management software solution that meets all of the Certification Commission’s Dermatology certified EHR technology criteria. Practice 2011 links with many lab companies to create lab orders and receive results in your EMR and easily handles unique needs of a high patient volume Dermatology practice.

Med Spa: NexTech's Practice 2011 Med Spa Software and comprehensive medical spa EMR is designed for the unique needs of medical spas and cosmetic practices. The NexSpa medical spa marketing software module allows you to track commissions, gift certificates, coupons, and reward points. NexTech’s medical spa software also includes point point of sale capabilities including bar code scanning and inventory management.

Otolaryngology/ENT: Specifically designed for Otolaryngologists and ENT providers, NexTech's Otolaryngology software seamlessly integrates Practice Management and Otolaryngology EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to create a custom ENT software solution.

Ophthalmology/Refractive: NexTech offers powerful and complete Ophthalmology Practice Management Software that is a modular and fully integrated Ophthalmology and Refractive Surgery EMR, Marketing, and Ophthalmology Practice Management Software solution designed for Refractive Surgery. NexTech’s Practice 2011 Ophthalmology software offers interfaces for diagnostic equipment, e-billing capability, website integration, inventory tracking for management of your Optical Shop inventory including glasses, frames and contacts, and more.

Gastroenterology: NexTech's Gastroenterology software handles Practice Management, Surgery Center and GI Electronic Medical Records in one database and links with many Lab Companies including Caris, CBL Pathology, GI-Path and Labcorp, allowing doctors to create lab orders and receive results directly in the EMR. Combined with a Gastroenterology EMR, the NexPhoto module can seamlessly intergrate and manage surgical photos and electronic billing allows for E&M Coding and Insurance Billing.

Urology: Specifically designed for Urologists, NexTech's Urology software seamlessly integrates Practice Management, Surgery Center Management and Urology EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to be your custom urology software solution. Urology practices can order labs and receive results in their Urology EMR, handle electronic billing including E&M Coding and Insurance Billing and work with easy to customize templates.

Bariatric: Specifically-designed for Bariatric practices, Nextech's Bariatric software offers Practice Management, Bariatric EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and Marketing software is CCHIT 2011 certified, and approved by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) to transmit data into the Bariatric Outcomes Longitudinal Database (BOLD).

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EMR (Electronic Medical Records) & EHR (Electronic Health Records)

About Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
From Wikipedia 2010

An electronic medical record is usually a computerized legal medical record created in an organization that delivers care, such as hospitals, pharmacies and doctor's offices. Electronic medical records tend to be a part of a local stand-alone health information system that allows storage, retrieval and manipulation of patient records.

Electronic medical records, like medical records, must be kept in unaltered form and authenticated by the creator. Under data protection legislation, responsibility for patient records (irrespective of the form they are kept in) is always on the creator and custodian of the record, usually a health care practice, pharmacy or facility. The physical medical records are the property of the medical provider (or facility) that prepares them. This includes films and tracings from diagnostic imaging procedures such as X-ray, CT, PET, MRI, ultrasound, etc. The patient, however, according to HIPAA, has a right to view the originals, and to obtain copies under law.

Electronic Signature
Most national and international standards accept electronic signatures. According to the American Bar Association, "A signature authenticates a writing by identifying the signer with the signed document. When the signer makes a mark in a distinctive manner, the writing becomes attributable to the signer."

Technical Features
Using an EMR to read and write a patient's record is not only possible through a workstation but depending on the type of system and health care settings may also be possible through mobile devices that are handwriting capable. Electronic Medical Records may include access to Personal Health Records (PHR) which makes individual notes from a EMR readily visible and accessible for consumers.

Event monitoring
Some EMR systems automatically monitor clinical events, by analyzing patient data from an Electronic Health Record to predict, detect and potentially prevent adverse events. This can include discharge/transfer orders, pharmacy orders, radiology results, laboratory results and any other data from ancillary services or provider notes.

Privacy Concerns
A major concern is adequate confidentiality of the individual records being managed electronically. According to the LA Times, roughly 150 people (from doctors and nurses to technicians and billing clerks) have access to at least part of a patient's records during a hospitalization, and over 9000 payers, providers and other entities that handle providers' billing data have some access.

In the United States, this class of information is referred to as Protected Health Information (PHI) and its management is addressed under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as many local laws.

ASCP (The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists)
The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists empowers pharmacists to enhance quality of care for all older persons through the appropriate use of medication and the promotion of healthy aging. The vision of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists is optimal medication management and improved health outcomes for all older persons.
Epic / EpicCare EMR
The EpicCare EMR is rated #1 in its category by KLAS Enterprises* – and has been for the last 10 years straight. The system makes physicians more productive by simplifying the important patient-facing elements of care delivery. EpicCare is a physician-friendly system in use by providers representing more than 100 specialties. It installs easily with our pre-built Model System and configures to meet specific workflow requirements. Instead of starting from scratch, Epic customers build on the content from successful customers – including decision support, order sets, reports and documentation tools. The result is a faster path to effective chronic care management and measurable quality gains.
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