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Made a resolution to maximize profits this year?

Let us help with front-end CBD products

Pharmacies are uniquely positioned in the CBD market with independent pharmacists’ unmatched and relationship with their patients, as well as the quality of the product they can offer.

Letco’s exclusive partnership with Ananda Professional – the leading hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD manufacturer – gives you access to a full suite of front-end CBD products and services to help you grow your business.

Why purchase CBD from Letco?

  • Extensive line of best-in-class, high-quality CBD products
  • Exclusively sold in independent pharmacies
  • Risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Lot-specific, third-party Certificates of Analysis
  • Robust education program to support you and your pharmacy staff
  • 25 years of experience as the leading supplier to compounding pharmacies

Letco has a proud history of being a quality leader in the industry

Our customers trust our stringent quality control procedures, industry-leading quality assurance programs, and unmatched quality record with the FDA. We selected Ananda Professional as our partner because they share our commitment to quality.

Ananda Professional continuously tests their hemp extracts at every step of the manufacturing process from seed to packaged product to ensure quality, purity, potency, and consistency.

Get started today offering CBD front-end products to your patients
Call 800.239.5288 - Our CBD specialists are available to answer questions, place an order, or refill your stock.

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