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California Pharmacists Association CPhA

The California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) was founded in 1869 and is the largest state association representing pharmacists. CPhA represents pharmacy professionals from all practice settings. Our mission is to advance the practice of pharmacy for the promotion of health. Our vision statement is a unified pharmacy profession, recognized as preeminent in patient care.

Board of Trustees

according to the CPhA bylaws, adopted in 1970 and amended periodically, the Association is governed by two separate and distinct bodies – a Board of Trustees and a House of Delegates. The bylaws divide authority between these two bodies, assigning responsibility for establishing association policy to the House of Delegates and giving the Board of Trustees responsibility for implementing policy and governing CPhA’s operations.

Members of the Board of Trustees are elected to leadership positions by the membership. It is the job of the Board of Trustees to strategically and fiscally guide CPhA in its pursuit of fulfilling the vision for California pharmacy. The Board of Trustees, along with our committees and academies, builds leadership skills in our members.

CPhA Member Benefits: Membership in CPhA gives you the resources and support you need to succeed in the evolving health care marketplace.

Your Membership Dollars at Work:

  • Advocacy Efforts at the Capitol Every Day - advancing your ability to practice pharmacy
  • Pharmacy License Protection – watching out for your interests with the California State Board of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacist’s Jobs Saved! - countless independents & chain stores protected from closing due to illegal State budget cuts
  • Career-Advancing Networking Opportunities - dynamic annual events designed to enhance your professional skills and your resume through: leadership, legislative and policy-making experiences, continuing education courses, social interactions with pharmacy leaders and a wealth of volunteer opportunities.

Valuable and Money Saving Benefits of Your Membership:

  • CEO Message - weekly email newsletter keeping you up-to-date on the latest pharmacy news
  • Marsh Insurance Programs - personal insurance coverage to fit your individual needs
  • Professional Liability Insurance - the best and broadest in the state
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Program - millions paid back in dividends to members
  • CPhA Career Center - your best online source for new jobs
  • California Pharmacist Journal - peer-reviewed clinical articles and member news delivered quarterly
  • California CE Options Newsletter - monthly listing of FREE and discounted CE programs
  • CPhA Meeting Registrations - Outlook Annual Meeting and Legislative Day events discounted for members only
  • Staples Office Supplies - on line discounts on the top 100 used items
  • Emergency Preparedness Supply Kits - 20% discount on personal and business kits
  • FREE Legal Advice - hundreds of CPhA members helped.
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Exhibit Hall

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National Association of Specialty Pharmacy

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy™ (NASP™), founded in 2012, represents specialty pharmacy professionals in all practice settings and highlights the unique value our members bring to patients and the healthcare system. NASP is focused on building collaboration among all organizations involved in specialty pharmacy to deliver the benefits and services needed to improve patient outcomes.

NASP has a strong vision, innovative and motivated leaders, and an inspired mission-exactly what the specialty pharmacy industry needs.

Specialty pharmacy is the fastest growing segment in the industry today. Innovations in drug discovery, drug delivery systems, advanced monitoring techniques, and informatics have all increased the need for advanced specialty pharmacy. NASP provides the platform for clinical, scientific, and business exchange for all specialty pharmaceutical stakeholders and fosters collaborative initiatives to align the goals of all stakeholders.

As an organization, we are committed to advancing the profession by supporting the importance of professional certification through the Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board (SPCB). NASP meets the needs of a growing membership by creating a strong, unified voice for the industry. Members receive unmatched educational and networking opportunities through the Specialty Pharmacy Conference and Specialty Pharmacy Education Center (SPEC), which offers more than 300 hours of education specific to specialty pharmacy. Learn more about the benefits for individual and corporate members.

To learn more about the benefits for individual and corporate members, log onto our website at

NASP Branches
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National Pharmacy Purchasing Association NPPA

First Association for Pharmacy Buyers is Founded!

In January 2010, the first association specific to Pharmacy Buyers, the National Pharmacy Purchasing Association (NPPA), was founded by Summerdale Enterprises, Inc., the publisher of Pharmacy Purchasing Outlook and conductor of Annual Pharmacy Purchasing Networking Conferences (from hereon to be known as the NPPA Conference).

NPPA was created for Pharmacy Buyers in response to the need of such an organization expressed by the subscribership of Pharmacy Purchasing Outlook, and the attendees at their Annual Conferences.

The mission of NPPA is to:

  • Promote the Profession of Pharmacy Purchasing.
  • Provide Specific and Enhanced Educational Opportunities for the Pharmacy Buyer.
  • Provide a Unified Voice for the Professional Pharmacy Buyer.
  • Affirm Pharmacy Purchasing as a unique and important specialty within the Pharmacy Profession
  • Affirm that Pharmacy Purchasing is an important aspect of Total Patient Care.

Members of the Association will consist of Institutional Pharmacy Buyers, regardless of their local job title, and those who support the goals of the Association.

NPPA Conference - August 19-22, 2013

NPPA national pharmacy purchasing association pharmacists member benefits pharmacy buyers summerdale enterprises pharmacy purchasing outlook NPPA conference
2012 Conference
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Healthcare Supply Chain Association

No Lines... No Speed Dating...

All Heavy-Hitter C-Level Executives Meeting with You In-Person!

The Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) is a broad-based trade association that represents 16 group purchasing organizations, including for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, purchasing groups, associations, multi-hospital systems and healthcare provider alliances.

The mission of the Healthcare Supply Chain Association focuses on five key areas:

Advocacy: We work collaboratively with all legislative and regulatory authorities to ensure fair and efficient procurement practices in an open and competitive market within the health industry

Education: We provide educational opportunities designed to improve efficiencies in the purchase, sale and utilization of all goods and services within the health industry.

Ethics: We uphold the ethical conduct of business practices within the industry and the standards adopted by the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative that are intended to strengthen the integrity of the health care supply chain.

Information: We enhance the awareness of our members' efforts to support the delivery of high-quality, cost effective health care.

Liaison: We promote meaningful dialogue between health industry organizations engaged in group purchasing and other industry entities on issues of mutual interest.

Preparing for the Future

As one of the nation's leading health care trade associations, HSCA strives to have a long-term, positive impact. All of our efforts are focused on realizing our vision for tomorrow. We envision a world in which:

  • An open forum exists for the exchange and promotion of best practices in the non-labor cost side of health care and for the exploration of complex issues in health care cost control.
  • Cost-efficient, high-quality health care is more widely available.
  • Innovative approaches flourish, and standards of practice and excellence are maintained, in the health care products market.
  • Free market dynamics for health care products are maintained.
  • Beneficial and legally allowable cooperation is not disrupted by the proprietary interests of industry competitors.

Click the link below to learn more about Healthcare Supply Chain Association and how they can help you today

HSCA supply chain GPO services pharmacy education
Healthcare Advocacy
Healthcare Information
Business Ethics
Healthcare Liaison
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IACP’s Compounders on Capitol Hill (CCH)

The 22nd Annual Compounders on Capitol Hill (CCH) will be held June 11-14, 2016 at the Renaissance Washington, in Washington D.C. With more than 400 expected attendees in 2016, Compounders on Capitol Hill brings together the top-level compounding pharmacists and technicians from across the country with the same goal – to protect pharmacy compounding!

  • CCH returns to Downtown Washington, D.C.! Conveniently situated in the Penn Quarter district, this premier location is surrounded by shops, a variety of dining options, the Spy Museum, Chinatown, the National Portrait Gallery, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and world-famous National Mall monuments.
  • A bargain hotel group rate at $199 – that’s almost half the price from previous years!
  • Hear from experts during in-depth Continuing Education sessions on legislative and regulatory issues at the state and federal level affecting pharmacy compounding.
  • Expanded exhibit hall puts attendees face-to-face with 50 leading companies that serve compounding pharmacies.
  • Stay for Hill Day! Be an advocate for compounding during in-person Capitol Hill meetings with your state representatives.
  • Socialize and support the IACP Foundation during compounding pharmacy’s biggest party of the year – 12th Annual Rx Mixer Presents Rx Mixer Roundup - Saddling Up for Research and Education on Sunday, June 12, 2016.
  • On Monday, June 13, the COMP PAC Dinner and Fundraiser is an exclusive opportunity to hob-nob with the powerful movers and shakers of Washington, D.C. The COMP PAC will host a very high-profile influencer to talk face-to-face with our attendees about the future of health care.

Network! Reconnect with old friends and meet new colleagues who share your passion and interest in protecting, promoting and advancing pharmacy compounding!

June 11-14, 2016
Renaissance Washington, D.C.
999 Ninth Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

iacp international compounders capitol hill compounding pharmacists fda drug approval patient safety medication solutions scientific programming research pharmacy tradeshow educational conference
2015 Compounders on Capitol Hill
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The Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show

The Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show is pharmacy's one-stop destination to research and connect with leading providers of products and services throughout every segment of pharmacy. Due to our accessibility, relevance, and focus, more than 250,000 annual visitors depend on the Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show to conduct preliminary and advanced research on industry leaders.

pharmacy marketing, networking and software development. virtual trades how, virtual job fair, reverse pharmacy expo
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California Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists CSHP

"The Leader in Wellness, Patient Safety and the Optimal Use of Medications"

Founded in 1962, CSHP is a professional society representing thousands of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, student pharmacists and associates to promote wellness, patient safety and the optimal use of medications.

The specific purposes and objectives of this corporation are to promote rational, patient-oriented medication therapy across the continuum of care; to foster the optimal and responsible use of medication-related technologies; to promote pharmacists, and technicians as integral members of the healthcare team in order to allow full utilization of their clinical skills and knowledge of the medication use process in each healthcare setting; to serve as a primary advocate for advancing professional practice, optimizing patient outcomes, and improving the quality of patient care; to promote pharmaceutical services that use sound pharmacoeconomic principles; to advocate the pharmacist's and technician's value to patients by ensuring that appropriate clinical services and the medication use process are applied to their benefit; to promote public health by fostering the optimal and responsible use of medications, including education for proper use and/or controlled use of medications; and to promote competency in the profession by offering state of the art education and training programs.

CSHP members practice in a variety of organized health care settings including, but not limited to hospitals, integrated healthcare systems, and clinics, home health care and ambulatory settings.

Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE)

The mission of California Society of Health-System Pharmacists' Continuing Pharmacy Education program is to provide innovative educational activities that will advance the practice of pharmacy and optimize patient care.

California Society of Health-System Pharmacists is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. ACPE standards were designed to facilitate the continuum of learning and emphasize the foundation needed for development of the learner as a lifelong learner.

CSHP's responsibilities to learners:

  • Advocate for lifelong learning of pharmacists and technicians
  • Emphasize systematic, self-directed learning
  • Identify and meet the educational needs of pharmacists and technicians
  • Assure that faculty take an active role in delivering content so pharmacists and technicians are actively engaged in their learning
  • Assess participant learning from a CPE activity
  • Evaluate the impact of CPE activities in pharmacy practice

Seminar 2012: October 18 -21, Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Welcome to the 37th annual meeting of the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists, “Jackpot, Pharmacy!”. CSHP is proud to offer the largest state-run seminar for health-system pharmacists in the United States! The goal of Seminar is to provide our attendees, ranging from pharmacy students to directors, with a venue for networking with colleagues, updating their knowledge, enhancing their skills and learning about the latest products and technologies offered by industry. The multitudes of continuing pharmacy education courses provided at Seminar are developed to maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of all attendees. From presentations to receptions, Seminar has found the perfect balance of content and networking for professional growth and inspiration of health-system pharmacists and technicians as well as other pharmaceutical related professionals. Seminar is designed by health-system pharmacy professionals from California for health-system pharmacy professionals. This ensures greater insight into the unique needs of our members and an opportunity for a meaningful, worthwhile experience tailored to your personal and professional requirements. Seminar 2012 is a fantastic opportunity to fulfill your personal commitment to professional experience and life-long learning.

California society of health system pharmacist, pharmacy technician, pharmacy students, training and education, practice advocate, CSHP, patient care, seminar, jackpot pharmacy, 2012 seminar, paris, Las Vegas hotel

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Proud of Our Past - Shaping the Future

In May 1879, 18 pharmacists met in the backroom of a Dallas drug store and formed the Texas State Pharmaceutical Association. Their goal was simple: to improve the quality of drugs and pharmaceutical services in Texas. We’ve been the state’s leading advocate for pharmacy ever since.

Today, TPA serves almost 4,000 members practicing in all areas of pharmacy, including community pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, education, manufacturing and distribution. We are the strongest voice speaking for all Texas pharmacy professionals and national leaders in lobbying, continuing education and practice innovation. As Rxperts, we are transforming the patient-pharmacist relationship and empowering today’s pharmacists to be effective health-care advisors.

Serving and Growing Membership
We will be the preeminent association serving Texas pharmacists, technicians and students:

  • Education & Resources
  • Member Conections & Social Networks
  • Publications, Web site & Member Communications
  • Effective Member Recruitment & Retention
  • An Entrepreneurial Approach to Providing Products & Services

Influencing Public Policy & Advocacy
We will be the pre-eminent Texas association in protecting the pharmacy profession and benefiting patient outcomes:

  • A Strong & Effective Advocacy/Lobbying Team
  • A Strong Political Action Committee – PharmPAC – to support the legislative friends of pharmacy
  • Uniting the Profession & Building Effective Coalitionsn Leaders
  • Professional Staffing & Staff Development

Advancing Pharmacy Through Public Awareness
We will strengthen public awareness of pharmacy’s value to advance the patient outcomes and the profession:

  • Advancing the Rxperts Brand and Designation
  • Patient-Focused Consumer Initiatives that Improve Patient Outcomes & Advance Smart, Healthy Living

Maintaining a Model Association
We will be a nationally recognized association respected for its resources, leadership and professional workforce:

  • Financial Strength Supported by Revenue Diversification, Dedicated Reserves & Fund-raising campaigns
  • A Strong Texas Pharmacy Foundation
  • A Governance Structure that is Efficient & Strategically Focused
  • Development of Current & Future Association Leaders
  • Professional Staffing & Staff Development

What's an Rxpert

Rxperts - TPA’s patient-focused pharmacy professionals - have a vital message that will help patients improve their health and better manage their own care. This message has the power to transform the patient-pharmacist relationship, empower pharmacy professionals to improve adherence and outcomes, and transform the public image of pharmacy.

The Rxperts of Texas Pharmacy Association are redefining the role of pharmacy in Texas.
Our patient-centered Smart, Healthy Living initiatives are changing public perceptions
and attracting a new generation of pharmacists eager to meet the challenges head-on.

An Rxpert is not just a medication expert. An Rxpert is a health-care practitioner who is empowered and committed to improve patient wellness. An Rxpert:

  • Is committed to innovative, patient-focused care;
  • Values MTM as critical to improving patient outcomes;
  • Views focused CE as central to professional expertise and growth; and
  • Knows that constant advocacy is critical to the advancement of pharmacy.

We are uniting Texas pharmacy to engage patients and improve outcomes while advancing pharmacists as full partners in health care.

TPA, Texas pharmacist association on pharmacy marketing and meetings with rxpert, pharmacy tradeshows, marketing associations. Texas State Pharmaceutical Association and drugs and pharmaceutical services in Texas serves community pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, education, manufacturing and distribution.
Texas Pharmacist Association
Texas Pharmacist Association
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American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

The vision of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists is optimal medication management and improved health outcomes for all older persons.

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists empowers pharmacists to enhance quality of care for all older persons through the appropriate use of medication and the promotion of healthy aging.

Core Strengths

  • Knowledge and skills in geriatric pharmacotherapy and the unique medication-related needs of seniors and long-term care residents
  • Expertise in long-term care settings for the frail at-risk elderly
  • Patient-centered advocate for seniors at-risk for medication-related problems

In their role as medication therapy experts, consultant and senior care pharmacists:

  • Hold their patients' interest above all others
  • Take responsibility for their patients’ medication-related needs
  • Ensure that their patients’ medications are the most appropriate, the most effective, the safest possible, and are used correctly; and
  • Identify, resolve, and prevent medication-related problems that may interfere with the goals of therapy.

ASCP's 7,000+ members manage and improve drug therapy and improve the quality of life of geriatric patients and other individuals residing in a variety of environments, including nursing facilities, subacute care and assisted living facilities, psychiatric hospitals, hospice programs, and home and community-based care. In addition, 4,500+ pharmacy student members of ASCP demonstrate their identification with and support of ASCP's mission and vision to serve seniors wherever they reside.

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists on pharmacy tradeshows and meetings. medication management and improved health outcomes. quality of care for older persons or geriatric pharmacotherapy and seniors, long-term care residents with seniors at-risk for medication-related problems. nursing facilities, subacute care and assisted living facilities, psychiatric hospitals, hospice programs, and home and community-based care. geriatric medication management with American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
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Rx Mixer Roundup

Sunday, June 12, 2016

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McKesson ideaShare2016

June 26-30, 2016

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NACDS TSE (Total Store Expo)

August 6-9, 2016

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The 2016 ASCP Forum

April 11-12, 2016

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NCPA prescribes member benefits. Join today!

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The Pharmacy Technology, Services, and Automation EPPS: November 13-15, 2016

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August 22 - 25, 2015 Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO.

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McKesson ideaShare

McKesson ideaShare returns to San Diego! Register online at

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The inaugural ASCP Forum: Pharmaceutical Care and Post-Acute Transitions will follow a senior patients journey through the health care system from an acute to post-care setting exploring the opportunities for pharmacists during each transition.

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Using product categories to drive our meeting schedules, we ensure you have quality, face-to-face meetings. Efficient Program Planning Sessions (EPPS), are strategically scheduled based on retailer review cycles.

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HSCA hisci

2015 Healthcare Supply Chain Expo. Build connections with industry leaders during dedicated networking time, Increase your industry knowledge during education sessions with topical experts, Meet key players and strengthen your bottom line at the Reverse Tradeshow.

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11th Annual RX Mixer presents REWIND Back to the 80's. Sunday June 7, 2015 6:30 PM - Midnight, Renaissance Washington, D.C.

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ASCP 45th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

45 Years of improving the lives of seniors.
November 5-7, 2014
Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center
Orlando, FL

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2014 Healthcare Supply Chain Expo co-hosted by HSCA and HISCI

Join us in Washington, D.C. for the Most Influential Supply Chain Event of the Year. Build connections with industry leaders during nine hours of networking. Increase your knowledge of best practices and industry trends during our education sessions. Meet key players and strengthen your bottom line at the two-day Reverse Tradeshow

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NASP Specialty Pharmacy EXPO

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) represents specialty pharmacy professionals in all practice settings. NASPs mission is to provide education and build collaboration among industry stakeholders to deliver the benefits & services needed to improve patient outcomes

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IACP Compounders on Capitol Hill

Save the Date!
May 17-20, 2014 Arlington, VA

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Its time to roll up your sleeves. Complying with CMS Meaningful Use Criteria is requisite for hospitals to receive ARRA funding now and avoid reimbursement penalties in the years to come.

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2013 ASCP Spring Conference + Exhibition. Imagining the Future of Pharmacy Practice. May 14 - 17, 2013 Walt Disney World Swan / Dolphin Orlando, Florida

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Texas Pharmacy Association

Dont Miss the Southwests Top Pharmacy Event! The largest pharmacy conference in the Southwest offering disease-state and business related CE sessions; national pharmacy speakers; great opportunities for networking and collaboration; and a pharmacy expo with hundreds of top products and services.

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Healthcare Supply Chain Expo

Together, the Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) and the Healthcare Industry Supply Chain Institute (HISCI) co-host the Healthcare Supply Chain Expo (formerly the International Expo) to provide supply chain representatives with top-level educational opportunities and one-on-one networking and businessbuilding opportunities. By attending, you will make an investment in the future growth and vitality of your business.

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National Pharmacy Purchasing Association

Pharmacy Buyer Education: learn the ins and outs of pharmacy purchasing for hospitals, medical centers, & health systems. Lectures solely focused on Pharmacy Purchasing: Cost Savings & Revenue Generating Improving Productivity & Efficiency Buying Best Practices. Attendees receive 8-10 ACPE-accredited Pharmacy CEs

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Virtual Pharmacy Tradeshow

Pharmacys Leading Product and Service Providers in One Convenient Location. The Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show is pharmacys one-stop resource destination to research and connect with leading providers of products and services throughout every segment of pharmacy. Due to its accessibility, relevancy, and focus, more than 250,000 annual visitors depend on the Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show to conduct preliminary and advanced research on industry leaders.

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Compounders on Capitol Hill

Save The Date. June 1-4, 2013 Arlington, VA

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Pharmacy Trade Shows, Conferences & Meetings

Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM)® provides Business Solutions by integrating Process, Vision and Technology™. Comprised of category & season specific Efficient Program Planning Sessions (EPPS)®, MarketGate software, ECRM® is helping retailers and manufacturers improve sales, reduce expense, and go to market faster and more efficiently.
NACDS is renowned for its annual meetings and conferences. No other organization brings together the caliber of industry leaders and decision-makers from the retail drug store industry that NACDS does year after year.
Find out what innovative activities your pharmacist peers are doing to transform the future of independent pharmacy and open your imagination to the opportunities that await you. This is your opportunity to educate yourself through continuing education sessions, meet with your industry peers, and more!
New England Pharmacy Asscociation
Highlights include: The New England College Bowl challenge-- Root on your alma mater in this interactive CE session, The APhA MTM Certificate Program, A student track with sessions on financial management, how to write a CV and job interview techniques, The Friday Exhibit Hall, with residency showcase, CPA and MPhA Installation and Awards Banquets
Texas Pharmacy Asscociation Show
Expand your presence with buyers and decision-makers in one of the top markets in the nation by showcasing your new products and services at the largest gathering of pharmacy professionals in the Southwest! Exhibiting at the 2010 SW Conference & Expo allows you to reach key decision-makers from all pharmacy practice areas in Texas and surrounding states, including community pharmacies, consulting firms, hospitals, long-term care facilities, retail outlets and much more!

Market Buzz

Sep 03, 2014
NACDS Total Store Expo Exhibitors Donate More Than Four Tons of Products through MCCA's Conventions C.A.R.E. to Assist Boston Communities

Exhibitors at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo donated more than four tons (8,400 lbs.) of consumer goods to be dispersed to various charitable organizations throughout the Greater Boston community. NACDS worked with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority's (MCCA) Conventions C.A.R.E. (Community Assistance by Responsible Events) program, which is distributing the products to local nonprofit organizations to be dispersed to those in need. Conventions C.A.R.E. was established by the MCCA in 2010 to benefit local non-profits, convention and trade show exhibitors, and convention centers. Local nonprofits benefit from useful donations, while exhibitors are saved the time and expense of shipping goods after a show ends.

Sep 02, 2014
Patient-safety innovator to be posthumously honored with award bearing her name at the ninth annual unSUMMIT for Healthcare Barcoding

On September 18, 2014, The TerraPharma Project, will present the 2014 Sue Kinnick Way-Paver Awards for Healthcare Barcoding at its ninth unSUMMIT for Healthcare Barcoding in New Orleans, LA.

Jul 08, 2011
RXinsider Enters into Strategic Alliance with HIGPA and HISCI

West Warwick, RI 7.10.2011 - Building on its strength within pharmacy and healthcare, RXinsider begins a long-term, robust multimedia partnership with HIGPA and HISCI. As the nation's most influential supply chain event, RXinsider establishes a prominent presence at the 2011 International Expo in Washington, D.C., while affording many great exposure and lead-generation opportunities to HIGPA and HISCI across its numerous web-based and print properties. Both organizations anticipate significant growth targeting industry suppliers/manufacturers and GPO's.

Jun 15, 2011
RXinsider Adds new Aisle to Virtual Trade Shows: "Reverse Expo"

RXinsider Adds new Aisle to Virtual Trade Shows: "Reverse Expo". West Warwick, RI 6.15.2011 - Building on its 116 existing Aisles in the Virtual Pharmacy and Virtual Healthcare IT Tradeshows, RXinsider has added a new "sub aisle" dedicated exclusively to "Reverse Expos" in thealthcare. Focus of the new aisle includes Pharmacy, Healthcare IT, Radiology & Imaging, Hospital O.R. & Surgery and Group Purchasing and will serve to educate healthcare professionals on leading reverse expo providers.

Pocket Nurse


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