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 Guaranteed Returns
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Guaranteed Returns

The Industrys Choice for Pharmaceutical Returns

For over 25 years, Guaranteed Returns has provided pharmaceutical return services to hospital, government, independent retail, chain-store, LTC, Mail-Order and clinic pharmacies. Local GRx on-site service representatives are highly valued by customers for their professionalism, trustworthiness and for going above and beyond.

Guaranteed Returns puts their longevity and industry knowledge to work to obtain the maximum amount of credits for every pharmacy return. GRx concentrates on providing pharmaceutical return solutions that address all aspects of the business, beginning with the manufacturer, through crediting the customer.

Business review consultations, inventory management assistance and an unbeatable customer service department are just a few of the attributes that customers say sets GRx apart. Their flagship program, ReverseLink One has been branded as the most cost effective return goods program ever to be offered by any 3rd party returns company.

Guaranteed Returns is dedicated to making pharmaceutical returns as simple as possible for customers while attaining the maximum amount of credits. Guaranteed Returns puts their 25 years of knowledge to work every day continually investing in new programs, technologies and people - which is why GRx delivers Service You Can Count On.

ReverseLink One Highlights

  • Processing Over 1,000 Crediting Pharmaceutical & OTC Manufacturers For Maximum Credit
  • Over 80 Locally Based On-Site Reps Nationwide
  • Free Disposal Of All Non-Returnables
  • Free GR-XtraNET
    • Includes: Tracking, Monitoring, & Customizable Reports
  • No Invoicing, Fee Deducted From Actual Credits Received
  • Lump Sum Crediting Feature
  • Free Credit Tracking & Reconciliation
Research Guaranteed Returns Pharmacy Returns and Pharmaceutical Waste Managment Providers with Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs. All Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs with Guaranteed Returns Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor and the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution process. Research Guaranteed Returns Pharmacy Returns and Pharmaceutical Waste Managment Providers with Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs. All Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs with Guaranteed Returns Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor and the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution process.

 NPR (National Pharmaceutical Returns)
Booth #6854
NPR (National Pharmaceutical Returns)

Nationwide Full Service Reverse Distributor

Off-Site Pharmaceutical Returns Processing Services Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

NPR Facts:

  • Servicing customers nationally for 20 years
  • One of the first Reverse Distributors in the country to become VAWD accredited.
  • Fees are subtracted from actual credits received no upfront costs.
  • CASH Back Program option
  • Pharmaceutical waste consulting and management services.
  • Pharmaceutical formulary waste characterization reviews.
  • All inclusive service fees.
  • NPR offers FREE shipping.*
  • NPR offers FREE tracking of credits.
  • NPR offers FREE shipping to the manufacturers.
  • NPR offers FREE comprehensive reports that you can use for tax purposes (reports also available online).
  • NPR offers FREE disposal of non-returnable items and hazardous waste.*
  • NPR offers FREE use of NPR's holding morgue for in-dated products with the potential of future credit.
  • NPR is licensed to receive Schedule I drugs along with Schedule II-Vs.
  • NPR offers FREE DEA 222 forms.
  • NPRs website allows you to bar code scan your inventory. All drug information is auto-filled. All you have to do is fill in your quantities.

*With qualifying orders.

We accept products for return or disposal from all medical facilities including:
Retail Pharmacies
Hospital Pharmacies
Wholesaler Morgues
Ambulatory Services
Veterinary Facilities
Doctors Offices
Dentists Offices


NPR realizes the importance of staying in full regulatory compliance. This not only protects NPR, but our customers as well. All products marked for destruction are destroyed by means of incineration and within all regulatory guidelines.

  • NPR is VAWD accredited.
  • NPR is licensed as a Large Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator. All return companies should have this classification and be able to provide proof.
  • NPR is in full compliance with: DEA, EPA, OSHA, DOT, VAWD and Individual State regulations.
  • NPR holds the appropriate licensing to conduct business and is adequately insured.
reverse distribution On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA

 Waste Management Healthcare Solutions
Booth #6858
Waste Management Healthcare Solutions

Think Green - Think Waste Management

WM Healthcare Solutions is committed to being the customer advocate, charting the course through the maze of surprisingly complicated issues in order to maximize environmental improvements while providing overall cost effective solutions. WMHSs charter dictates that we provide the best solution for the customer whether thats working with our own network of internal suppliers or third-party vendor-partners.

Our job, as the waste management experts, is to help you leverage your total environmental program costs across a broad range of programs to not only be in compliance but takes a "beyond compliance" approach that strives for environmental excellence. We understand the waste industry and track emerging issues -- its what we do best so you can do what you do best - provide top-notch patient care.

Single source solution for all healthcare waste streams

WM Healthcare Solutions (WMHS) is a special services division of Waste Management, Inc. that provides a complete range of sustainable and cost-effective managed waste and environmental solutions specifically designed for the healthcare industry. WMHS aims to be the single source provider of operational and consulting services required to handle healthcares complex waste streams from compliance, safety, and risk assessments related to waste management to in-house operational logistics, to market assessment and collection and processing for a variety of waste streams.

We offer the following services:

  • Medical waste disposal
  • Pharmaceutical waste management services
  • Incineration
  • Universal waste (bulbs, batteries, electronics)
  • Solid waste
  • Recycling
  • Regulated medical waste
  • Hazardous chemical waste
  • Construction and Demolition waste
  • Low-level nuclear medical waste
  • Beneficial reuse Managing excess equipment and supplies
  • Waste data and financial analysis
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Waste assessments and consulting services
  • Education and training
  • Contracted in-house services
pharmaceutical waste biohazard clean up waste management workers
medical waste disposal pharmaceutical waste management services incineration universal waste solid waste recycling hazardous chemical waste management healthcare green recycle

 Achieva  Group Returns, Inc.
Booth #6859
Achieva Group Returns, Inc.

Bringing You Quality Rx Returns Without the Hassle

Achieva Group Returns, Inc. is a Full Service Pharmaceutical Returns Company Servicing Commercial and Independent Pharmacies

Achieva Group Returns, Inc. eliminates the hassles related to returning expensive, outdated pharmaceuticals. Personalized services, such as removing outdates from the shelves, combined with knowledge and technology makes pharmaceutical returns quick, easy, and painless. Our first in class service will turn your outdated drugs into money that can be reinvested into your pharmacy.

Highlights of Service

  • National Association of Boards of Pharmacy - VAWD (Verified-Accredited Wholesaler Distributor) certified
  • Fully Accredited, Licensed, Bonded and Insured with over 15 years of experience in the business
  • State of the Art computerized returns using our AGRxprt software
  • Personalized service structured to fit your needs
  • Controlled substance returns and disposal included
  • 100% guaranteed
  • Fastest credit turnaround time available
  • No hidden fees
  • All service levels include detailed reporting

Full Onsite Service Rate: 10.9%
Mail in Rate: 6.9%

Achieva Group Returns, Inc. Pharmaceutical Returns Waste Management vawd
Achieva Group Returns, Inc. on pharmacy returns and Pharmaceutical Waste Managment Providers. Commercial and Independent Pharmacies with pharmaceutical returns. Agrxprt software, substance returns and disposal, outdated drugs.

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Glaxo Smith Kline -- $3 billion. Abbott -- $1.6 billion. J&J -- $2 billion. Those are the penalties just three drug companies have paid for violating the federal False Claims Act. Did you know that what got them into trouble was making claims about their drugs to prescribers for unapproved uses? But when many pharmacists hear the word “claims,”...
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A well-known but often overlooked complication of hip arthoplasty is Ogilvie’s Syndrome, an acute colonic pseudo obstruction (ACPO) occurring unrelated to mechanical obstruction. The early recognition and treatment of ACPO in the patient undergoing hip arthoplasty will reduce the patient’s risk for further complications, including the risk of d...
Nutrition Dimension Diabetic Kidney Disease What Dietitians Need to Know
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Summary: Chronic kidney disease is a serious condition in which the kidneys fail to rid the body of wastes. Each year more than 100,000 people are diagnosed with CKD and of those diagnosed, 44% have diabetes, which is the most common cause of kidney failure. CKD is a slow-progressing disease that requires professional collaboration from the entire...
Forestry Continuing Education Forest Certification
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This presentation, led by Rick Oates of the Alabama Pulp and Paper Council, looks at several of the different forest certification systems that are used in the United States and throughout the world. Certification programs including Tree Farm, Green Tag, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and the Forest Stewardship Council are described in detail....
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Using “real-world” examples and advanced case studies, this seminar-on-CD course provides students with the essential concepts needed for any Detention Routing knowledge base. This course examines effective project planning and strategy development to improve detention project performance. In addition, you will learn how to minimize risk and im...
Becker Professional Education Accounting for Assets under IFRS: What You Need to Know about PP&E & Investment Property IAS 16 & 40
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Preparing Financial Statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards requires accurate and up-to-date theoretical knowledge along with practical and thorough hands-on experience. At the conclusion of this session you will be able to: Recognize the scope and objectives of International Accounting Standard 16 (IAS 16) Def...
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Learn to demonstrate an understanding of the rapid physical exam and the instances in which it should be used. Understand the different conditions that can result in an altered mental status and describe compensated shock....
Inquisit Federal Laws and Regulations Every Healthcare Facility Should Know
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The Joint Commission leadership standard 01.07.01 requires that the board, senior managers, and leaders of the medical staff have knowledge needed for their roles. This includes information on laws and regulations. This program is to help hospitals comply with this standard. Healthcare reform has resulted in a number of changes. In fact, healthcare...
Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Technical Leadership (IND E 582)
Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
This course will cover the skills needed to build, lead and motivate high-performance teams as a technical leader. Technical leaders are not necessarily managers, but often lead from positions of unofficial authority. The first step in becoming a leader is to develop self-awareness, including how others perceive you and how you react in stressful s...
Inquisit WHO Hand Hygiene Guidelines: Time for a New Approach
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The user-centered approach to hand hygiene described in the 2009 WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Healthcare incorporates hand hygiene activity into the natural flow of patient care.  Using a variety of instructional tools with strong visual messages, WHO guidelines are easy to understand and remember.  This program will introduce &ldquo...
Human Resources CE Hiring for Culture, the Candidate Experience, and Your Brand
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Many companies are realizing that cultural fit is an essential factor when hiring successful candidates. Cultural fit is the most important criteria in Zappos’ recruitment strategy. Recognized five years in a row on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list, clearly they are doing something right! In this session you will hear how Zappos ha...
HVAC Continuing Education ELEC11 & ELEC12
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This is the 1st in a series of classes on Electrical Diagnostics. The series will cover Pictorial and Ladder Diagrams, Sequence of Operation, Component Function, Voltmeter Usage and Electrical Diagnostics on Split Heat Pump Condensing Units, Air Handlers, Gas Furnaces and Package Heat Pumps. Components such as the Honeywell 8000 and Honeywell 500...
American Society of Civil Engineers Continuous Simulation Wetlands Hydrological Modeling to Support Mitigation Design (AWI012914)
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Purpose and Background This webinar discusses landfill stormwater modeling, continuous simulation modeling, assessing wetland impacts, and analyzing wetlands water budget. The design and permitting of a new landfill is a complex process that includes many engineering and scientific disciplines. To demonstrate regulatory compliance with resp...
Harvard Medical School Genetics: 22q11 Deletion Syndrome
Provided by: Harvard Medical School
This CME activity provides an overview of 22q11 deletion syndrome (22q11DS), a genetic disorder caused by a partial deletion of a region on chromosome 22 that contains genes with vital roles in embryonic development. As a result, patients have many developmental defects including malformations of the heart and face as well as learning and psychiatr...
ed2go Creating a Classroom Web Site
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Learn how to create a classroom Web site in this fun, easy-to-understand course for teachers. In no time, you'll build a site with text, images, animations, tables, links, and more. Then you'll create a WebQuest and a blog to add to your site. You'll also learn how students can use site builders to create their own Web sites in minutes. As we m...
Inquisit Survival Strategies with Healthcare Reform: A Focus on Supply Chain
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Healthcare reform is having a dramatic impact upon the industry significantly impacting providers and the healthcare supply chain.   During this program the presenter will provide an overview of the elements of healthcare reform, its impacts upon the healthcare providers, and the challenges and opportunities healthcare reform presents to ...
Phlebotomy CE Phlebotomy: Principles and Guidelines
Provided by: Phlebotomy CE
Designed for all professionals responsible for the pre-analytical phase of a blood specimen, ie. the student, anyone wanting a general update and review of phlebotomy, and the educator responsible for training, competency, and documentation of collected blood specimens, this course examines the principles and guidelines as foundations for quality c...
Forestry Continuing Education Basic Timber Cruising - Timber Inventory and Assessment
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This course will provide an overview of basic concepts and techniques involved with conducting a timber inventory. This includes how to calculate volume and value for individual trees and forest stands....
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Confidently Assist With Probate Matters Are you ready to take an estate through probate? Do you know the proper procedures and filing requirements? This essential course will take you through the probate process from start to finish. Learn how to be instrumental in properly opening the estate, preparing the inventory, dealing with creditors' cl...
National Association of Specialty Pharmacy The Role of the Specialty Pharmacist in the Diagnosis, Treatment & Management of Growth Hormone Deficiency
Provided by: National Association of Specialty Pharmacy
After completing the program, Specialty Pharmacists, Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacists, Specialty Pharmacy executives, Pharmacy Directors, Chief Pharmacy Officers, Nurses, and Infusion Nurses along with other healthcare practitioner participants will be able to: Describe growth hormone deficiency, incidence and risk factors List the types that exi...
American Society of Civil Engineers CBR Test on Soils Compacted in Laboratory (ODGLT10)
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The type of subgrade soils and their strength plays a critical role in the design and performance of pavements. In 1929, California Division of Highways developed a laboratory test to evaluate the suitability of a material for use in highway construction as a subgrade, and sub-base and base courses. The test is called California Bearing Ratio or CB...
Inquisit CMS Nursing CoP Standards 2012
Provided by: Inquisit
Every hospital that accepts Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement must follow the CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) Conditions of Participation (CoPs). This program will cover the nursing services section in the hospital CoP manual. Facilities accredited by The Joint Commission, American Osteopathic Association and DNV Healthcare must a...
Epidemiology Continuing Education An Overview of the CDC Chronic Disease Cost Calculator
Provided by: Epidemiology Continuing Education
This webinar provide an overview of the CDC's Chronic Disease Cost Calculator Version 2 and include a demonstration of the tool. Following the webinar, the audience should have a better understanding of how to Use the Cost Calculator, Customize the cost estimates from the Cost Calculator and Interpret results from the Cost Calculator....
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