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Guaranteed Returns

The Industry’s Choice for Pharmaceutical Returns

For over 25 years, Guaranteed Returns has provided pharmaceutical return services to hospital, government, independent retail, chain-store, LTC, Mail-Order and clinic pharmacies. Local GRx on-site service representatives are highly valued by customers for their professionalism, trustworthiness and for “going above and beyond”.

Guaranteed Returns puts their longevity and industry knowledge to work to obtain the maximum amount of credits for every pharmacy return. GRx concentrates on providing pharmaceutical return solutions that address all aspects of the business, beginning with the manufacturer, through crediting the customer.

Business review consultations, inventory management assistance and an unbeatable customer service department are just a few of the attributes that customers say sets GRx apart. Their flagship program, ReverseLink One™ has been branded as “the most cost effective return goods program ever to be offered by any 3rd party returns company”.

Guaranteed Returns is dedicated to making pharmaceutical returns as simple as possible for customers while attaining the maximum amount of credits. Guaranteed Returns puts their 25 years of knowledge to work every day – continually investing in new programs, technologies and people - which is why GRx delivers Service You Can Count On.

ReverseLink One™ Highlights

  • Processing Over 1,000 Crediting Pharmaceutical & OTC Manufacturers For Maximum Credit
  • Over 80 Locally Based On-Site Reps Nationwide
  • Free Disposal Of All Non-Returnables
  • Free GR-XtraNET™
    • Includes: Tracking, Monitoring, & Customizable Reports
  • No Invoicing, Fee Deducted From Actual Credits Received
  • Lump Sum Crediting Feature
  • Free Credit Tracking & Reconciliation
Research Guaranteed Returns Pharmacy Returns and Pharmaceutical Waste Managment Providers with Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs. All Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs with Guaranteed Returns Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor and the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution process. Research Guaranteed Returns Pharmacy Returns and Pharmaceutical Waste Managment Providers with Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs. All Pharmaceutical Returns Management Programs with Guaranteed Returns Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor and the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution process.

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Pharma Logistics

Why Pharma Logistics?

The Reverse Distribution Experts

At Pharma Logistics we specialize in pharmaceutical reverse distribution, handling the return credit process for retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and other healthcare providers across the nation. Whether you need to get your credits more quickly, are looking for a convenient way to ship your expired drugs or would like more visibility into the status of your returned products, Pharma Logistics has a seamless service to ensure compliance and improve profitability.

Pharma Logistics Benefits for Pharmacies

  • Faster credits: Supports cash flow and ROI for your organization
  • Boost cash flow more quickly with reduced reconciliation time
  • Spend less time on accounting: reduce your reconciliation time up to 25 hours per month
  • Precision Processing allows for the line item reconciliation, delivering greater return credit accuracy
  • Our 100% Credit Promise: If you don’t receive 100% of the estimated return value, we’ll pay the difference of your service fee
  • Online Client Portal offers real-time visibility and return analytics

Box & Ship or Onsite Services
Our hassle-free pharmaceutical returns services save your pharmacy time and labor while keeping you compliant. Choose the best return service for your pharmacy:

Box & Ship
Just place your unused or expired pharmaceuticals in a box and ship them to us—we’ll take it from there. We provide you with:

  • Prepaid shipping labels
  • DEA form 222
  • Tamper-proof bags

Trained and licensed representatives from Pharma Logistics come onsite to handle ready-to-return materials. We will:

  • Check paperwork
  • Ensure proper packaging
  • Prepare shipment for carrier pickup

Rapid Credit Program Delivers Faster Reimbursement

  • You will receive reimbursement within 14 days of your returnable product arriving at our warehouse.
  • Pharma Logistics assumes the risk of a decrease in return value (due to changes in manufacturer policies).
  • Use our Rapid Credit Program with both our Onsite and Box and Ship services.

Improve Your Return Credits and ROI
Many return credit vendors can only offer you static pricing. At Pharma Logistics, our twice-patented program allows us to offer dynamic pricing that better reflects industry pricing trends. We give our clients visibility into the returns process by reconciling line-by-line. This means we can accurately assign credits to each of our clients rather than just processing a group of jobs in a batch and averaging them all together. This delivers greater compliance and return credit accuracy for your pharmacy.

Our Online Client Portal reporting tool saves users hours of labor otherwise spent hunting for data. We give you real-time analysis and leave you free to focus on healthcare again.

Additional Compliance Services
Our full range of pharmaceutical return services covers everything your pharmacy needs to remain fully compliant.

  • Repackaged Controlled Substance Credit program (RCSCP): We can help your pharmacy to determine which products can be returned for credit and which must be destroyed. We also provide you with DEA 222 forms
  • Drug Take-Back program: We provide your pharmacy with secure bins, so your patients have an easy way to properly dispose of over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs and controlled prescription drugs. This helps protect your community from prescription drug abuse and accidental poisoning; reduces the dangers of pharmaceutical waste through environmentally safe disposal
  • Inventory services: Free up hours of labor by taking advantage of Pharma Logistics’ 3rd-party drug inventory services.

Online Analytics
Beware, not every vendor provides reports showing exactly where your credit is in the return process and how much you can expect to collect.
For added visibility, Pharma Logistics provides you with our Online Client Portal for 24/7 data access. Improve your ROI by saving hours of labor, quickly tracking your return jobs and credits in real time. Real-Time Analytics include:

  • Estimated Return Value (ERV) calculation
  • Dashboard showing status of all returns and disposals
  • Line-item reporting
  • Credit tracking
  • Expected and paid credits
  • Data export to support compliance and financial reporting

In addition, our customer advocate team will train your pharmacy staff to use the portal to generate reports, paperwork and other useful information so that your entire organization is aligned on the value of your program.

How to Get Started with Pharma Logistics
Call us at 888-729-7427 or visit and we’ll make sure you get all the information you need to make the best decision for your pharmacy.

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NPR National Pharmaceutical Returns

Simplifying Returns

Off-Site Pharmaceutical Returns Processing Services • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

NPR Facts:

  • All inclusive service fees.
  • NPR offers FREE shipping.*
  • NPR offers FREE tracking of credits.
  • NPR offers FREE shipping to the manufacturers.
  • NPR offers FREE comprehensive reports that you can use for tax purposes (reports also available online).
  • NPR offers FREE disposal of non-returnable items and hazardous waste.*
  • NPR offers FREE use of NPR's holding morgue for in-dated products with the potential of future credit.
  • NPR is licensed to receive Schedule I drugs along with Schedule II-Vs.
  • NPR offers FREE 222 forms.
  • NPR’s secure website allows you to bar code scan your inventory. All drug information is auto-filled. All you have to do is fill in your quantities.

*With qualifying orders.

We accept products for return or disposal from all medical facilities including:
Retail Pharmacies
Hospital Pharmacies
Wholesaler Morgues
Ambulatory Services
Veterinary Facilities
Doctor’s Offices
Dentist’s Offices
Long Term Facilities
Infusion Services
Surgical Centers
Mail/Closed Door Pharmacies


NPR realizes the importance of staying in full regulatory compliance. This not only protects NPR, but our customers as well. All products marked for destruction are destroyed by means of incineration and within all regulatory guidelines.

  • NPR is licensed as a Large Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator. All return companies should have this classification and be able to provide proof.
  • NPR is in full compliance with: DEA, EPA, OSHA, DOT, VAWD and Individual State regulations.
  • NPR holds the appropriate licensing to conduct business and is adequately insured

Please call one of our Customer Care Representatives to see how we can help you today and in the future.

reverse distribution On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA From 222 pharmaceuticals processing On-site Pharmacy Returns and Pharmacy Waste Removal Providers DEA

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Pharmaceutical Returns Made Simple!

The Proven Industry Leader in Returns

Founded in 2000, PharmaLink is the nation’s premier Pharmaceutical Returns and Disposal provider. Our services include safely removing expired, damaged and unwanted pharmaceuticals from pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Our holistic approach results in tailored custom solutions to ensure maximum return credits and regulatory compliance. With our unique advanced web-based reporting platform, we provide you an analysis of your returned pharmaceuticals to help you make better financial business decisions for your company. With both mail-in and on-site return services, we offer maximum credit with every return, personalized customer service, guaranteed compliance and advanced reporting tools to provide you with the best returns and disposal services.


We offer both on-site and mail-in service nationwide with a focus on personalization and an SOP driven process that ensures compliance and maximum credit recovery. All services are conducted by our specially trained employees who have expert knowledge on our return process and access to advanced web-based computer reporting systems that bring a new level of transparency to our customers at any time. Whether you choose to have us service your facility on-site, or mail-in your returns for processing, you will receive the same level of quality service, expertise and commitment to excellence.

On-Site Return Services Include:

  • Complete inventory of all products removed and returned.
  • Preparation of regulatory paperwork including DEA 222 form.
  • Preparation of return inventory shipment.
  • Shipping to processing facility.
  • Processing of returnable products and recall items.
  • Return authorization management.
  • Disposal of non-returnable products via incineration.
  • Detailed processing reports and analytics via web-portal.
  • Credit reporting and reconciliation.

Mail-in Return Services Include:

  • Web-Based inventory creation and reporting application
  • Shipping of products to processing center.
  • Online preparation of DEA 222 form requests.
  • Processing of returnable products and recall items.
  • Return authorization management.
  • Disposal of non-returnable products via incineration.
  • Detailed processing reports and analytics via web-portal.
  • Credit reporting and reconciliation.

PharmaLink Reporting Services

The management and reporting of the returns process reaches a new level of simplicity and visibility with Encore®, by PharmaLink. Encore® provides users with a complete pharmaceutical returns management suite to enhance the reverse logistics process across healthcare operations. With its easy-to-use, interface, step-by-step inventory tools, and reporting, Encore® paints a complete picture of your return inventory in real-time. Additionally, corporate and store-level credit data is easily reconciled to maximize the financial impact of returns in inventory. Dashboard reporting provides management users with key performance indicators to make a better impact on business decisions and quickly identify issues relating to operations and waste in inventory.

RxTakeBack® – Consumer Disposal Solution

Just like pharmacists, patients have old or unused prescriptions that need to be destroyed. Bring your customers back to your pharmacy with a compliant and environmentally responsible drug disposal solution. RxTakeBack® makes it easy to run your own drug take-back program and to stand out in your community as a leader in responsible drug disposal. The RxTakeBack® kiosk provides your store with a consumer disposal outlet that keeps customers returning to your pharmacy in addition to driving new business. This simple solution to prescription drug disposal is cost-effective and differentiates your pharmacy from others by providing a community service as well as a solution desired by the public.

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Return Solutions

Receive Expired Pharmaceutical Return Credit in Just 10 Days with Returns Solutions’ New 10-Day Pay Program.

Return Solutions has offered the simplest, most efficient expired product returns program in the industry for over 25 years, and now offers the fastest reimbursement program: 10-Day Pay. All credit due from Return Solutions is issued in a single check, directly to the customer, within as few as 10 days after a return. 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day reimbursement options are also available. The rate depends on the timeframe selected and is an all-inclusive percentage of credit issued. There are never any unexpected additional charges for shipping, processing controlled substances, or disposal of non-returnable items. Manufacturer credit values are listed on the check stub, virtually eliminating credit tracking.

On-Site Service
Our on-site service is completely turn-key. An experienced representative thoroughly searches pharmacy shelves and pulls short-dated and outdated items. The rep enters each product into our proprietary software to arrive at an estimate and presents the customer with a printed inventory and credit estimate of all collected items on the day of service. Additional benefits include consultation regarding items with recently released generic equivalents, collection of Schedule II-V items and issuance of all necessary documentation, collection of recalled items, packaging of all items, and prepaid FedEx pick-up shipping.

Mail-In Service
Our easy and economical mail-in service is completely web-based. Customers create a return online and complete an inventory of outdated products, then print a return authorization and prepaid UPS shipping labels. Once we process the return at our warehouse, the return inventory and credit estimate are available on our website.

Destruction Service
We provide a safe, simple, and approved manner for compounding pharmacies, doctor’s offices, manufacturers, and distributors to dispose of unwanted and unsaleable products. Items are transported to an EPA approved, waste-to-energy incinerator where destruction is witnessed by at least two employees. Any hazardous waste is transported and destroyed by EPA licensed firms.

Consumer Medication Collection
We’re excited to offer a system that will allow you to provide a solution to your community for unused and expired prescription medications. MedCollect by Return Solutions provides simple, cost-effective, and compliant collection and disposal of consumer prescription medications for as little as $89 per month. Select your cabinet size, number of collection kits, and length of your agreement, and your cabinet and first two collection kits will be shipped out within 1-2 business days. Everything you need for compliant collection and destruction is included in the price. Help keep your community safe and protect our environment with a MedCollect kiosk in your pharmacy. Visit for more information.

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Pharma Logistics Delivers Fast Pharmaceutical Returns, Credits, and ROI

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OneCheck Select by Return Solutions Optimizes Expired Product Returns

One check. More choices. Reclaim time spent tracking expired product return credits with Return Solution's OneCheck Select so you can focus on what matters most - your customers and your business. Receive a single check, for all credit due through OneCheck Select, in as few as 30 days.

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MedCollect by Return Solutions Offers Environmentally Sound Patient Medication Disposal

MedCollect provides simple, cost-effective, and compliant disposal of unused prescription medications. Drive traffic to your pharmacy and display your commitment to your community's safety by offering a solution for responsible drug disposal.

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Stericycle's CsRx® Service Makes Disposing of Controlled-Substance Waste Easy

Stericycle's CsRx Service is a safe and secure solution to dispose of your controlled-substance waste and help hospitals to mitigate the risk of diversion.

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PharmaLink - Pharmaceutical Returns Leads in Transparent Compliance, Customer Service, and Credits

PharmaLink is a nationwide top-tier reverse distributor providing ethical and transparent pharmaceutical returns including compliant disposal and optimized credit services to pharmacy, hospital, and institutional customers since 2000.

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Full Range of Industry-Leading Solutions for Pharmacies by Inmar

Inmar provides a full range of hospital pharmacy solutions that drive profitability, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency. Our services span the areas of Rx Returns, Financial Management, Logistics Management, and Consumer Drug Take-Back.

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PharmaLink® Sets the Industry Benchmark for Quality in Returns Processing

An elite team of return consultants focused on excellence in service, personalized attention, and delivering the ultimate value.

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Inmar Pharmacy Financial Management Solution

Our extensive solution set maximizes profitability, reduces costs, and drives business intelligence through comprehensive reporting and best-in-class analytics and benchmarking.

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RxTakeBack® by PharmaLink - The New Industry Standard in Consumer Prescription Take-Back

Drive traffic to your pharmacy, help your location stand out in the community, and be part of the solution for proper and safe drug disposal. Read More:

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Return Solutions

Optimized Expired Pharmaceutical Product Returns

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The Nations Premier Returns Provider

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Pharma Logistics

What Can Pharma Logistics Do for You?

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Return Solutions

Simplify Credit Tracking With our OneCheck Select Program

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Full Range of Industry-Leading Solutions

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Industry Leaders in Pharmaceutical Reverse Logistics

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Return Solutions

Reclaim time spent tracking expired product return credits so you can focus on what matters most.

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Are you leaving money on the table? Inmar consistently secures 20-25% more credit for our customers

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Return Solutions

The OneCheck Select difference: a single check, for all credit due, issued within your choice of 30, 60, or 90 days after your return

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Pharmacy Returns Services

Daniels Sharpsmart Inc
It is estimated that over 400,000 people suffer the trauma of a sharps injury each year in American healthcare facilities. Daniels is committed to reducing this number through safer sharps management systems. Daniels has caused a paradigm shift by creating the Sharpsmart system. This unique, patented system utilizes technologically-advanced materials and components in the construction of its reusable sharps collectors
National Pharmaceutical Returns Inc.
We promise to provide the highest quality of customer service at the most reasonable rate available in the reverse distribution industry. We strive to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our performance both during and after the service, bringing our commitment and integrity to your bottom line.
Stericycle offers services in these areas: Medical Waste Disposal Services, OSHA Compliance Services, Sharps Disposal Service, Product Recall & Return Services, RX Waste Compliance Programs

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