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Visit the The Rx Consultant Website

The Rx Consultant

The Rx Consultant is a subscription-based service that delivers practical updates and reviews on top-selling drugs and common diseases, provides healthcare news in an easy reading style, and offers continuing education (CE) for all programs completely free.

The Rx Consultant is written specifically for busy, frontline healthcare providers. We maintain a high standard for quality - and have a rigorous system for content development in place to insure it. We are completely independent of the pharmaceutical industry. We accept no grants, advertising, or funding of any kind from drug manufacturers. With no financial ties, maintaining a bias-free publication is a straightforward process.

The entire family of Rx Consultant publications is now included in a subscription to The Rx Consultant eLibrary:

  • Drug Therapy Updates and Reviews - The eLibrary contains over 30 streamlined drug therapy updates and reviews, with new articles being added every month - it is a continually expanding resource.
  • Continuing Education - There are over 50 hours of CE from an ACPE approved provider at no additional charge. Subscribers can take their tests online, score them immediately, then print or save their credit statements. CE tests can also be mailed, faxed, or even phoned in to The Rx Consultant office.
  • News - The eLibrary includes a news column covering the developments that matter most to pharmacists and other front-line providers.
  • Rx Patient Connection - Rx Patient Connection accompanies every drug therapy update and review in the eLibrary. These sheets pull together key patient information and answer the most common questions asked by patients.
  • A Personal CE Transcript - Subscribers can access a personal account that maintains a record of tests taken and all CE credits earned.
  • Monthly Mail Packets - Subscribers receive a monthly mail packet with copies of the latest Drug Therapy Update & Review, Patient Connection, News Connection, CE credit request (for those who prefer mail or fax service), and a Quick Reference card for the latest article. These cards outline the facts you need quickly in tables and charts, and fit in a pocket binder. It's a handy way to keep the essential information at your fingertips.
The rx consultant, busy pharmacists learn online Pharm.D. program textbooks, DVD and CD multimedia presentations, and online resources 3-year program Earn your Pharm.D. Enhance your practice and career potential The University of Florida College of Pharmacy accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education ACPE Online Pharmacy Schools & Continuing Education
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Visit the ACA Website

American College of Apothecaries (ACA)

Since 1940, the ACA has been working with independent pharmacists to advance the entrepreneurial spirit of member pharmacists through education, innovation, mentoring, fellowship and training.

ACA Continuing Education Programs
Through educational conferences, seminars, compounding training, webinars and on-demand programs, ACA provides an array of opportunities for pharmacists, technicians, marketers and pharmacy students to obtain information, earn CE credits, and receive valuable networking with independent pharmacy entrepreneurs. ACA can also provide CE accreditation for other organizations.

Educational and Specialty Conferences
ACA provides an annual multi-day conference each year with continuing education sessions, social events, induction of new ACA Fellows and members, networking and award presentations. These conferences are held in different areas and in addition to learning, a large focus is on networking and sharing amongst pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, marketers and pharmacy students.

ACA Accredited Programs for Other Organizations
As an ACPE-approved provider of continuing pharmacy education, ACA is in compliance with ACPE’s Criteria for Quality and Interpretive Guidelines. Periodic review of educational programming by ACPE and continual self-evaluation by ACA ensures that the programs accredited by ACA are of the highest quality and meet ACPE standards. The ACPE Criteria and Guidelines are always followed when providing any continuing pharmacy education programs in live or in on demand format.

Webinars and Self-Paced Online Seminars/On-Demand CE
The ACA is pleased to introduce ACA Education CEnter an online catalog of more than 70 self-paced seminars for continuing pharmacy education! This new online education resource will include live webinars and on-demand courses that you can participate in from the comfort of your office or home and on your own schedule. The ACA is the source for pharmacists’ continuing education and professional development opportunities. Pharmacist and pharmacy technicians, marketers and pharmacy students can access online the latest webinars on subjects important to your career development. Visit the catalog today to browse through programs and begin enhancing your knowledge and earning CE credit!

Compounding Training Courses

  • Fundamental Compounding and Calculations

Fundamental Compounding & Calculations is a 3-day, 21 hour application-based course. This course combines one day of essential pharmacy calculations followed by two days of lectures and hands-on laboratory training. The overall goal of the calculations portion is to provide the pharmacist and technician with a review of the calculations they will need to master in order to prepare the variety of medications their patients may need to attain the greatest therapeutic actions from their medications with the fewest undesirable side effects. The lecture and hands-on portion is to provide the participant with a theoretical and practical basis on which to build a successful non-sterile compounding practice which complies with current requirements for good compounding practice. The instruction focuses on the proper preparation of fundamental dosage forms utilized by pharmacies which are compounding medications for their patients. The program is structured to demonstrate skills that can be immediately implemented by participants with minimal or no experience, as well as those wishing to update their compounding skills.

  • Comprehensive Sterile Compounding

Comprehensive Sterile Compounding is an 18.5 hour course designed to further prepare pharmacists and technicians to strengthen their knowledge base in Sterile Compounding. This course will provide the participant with the knowledge of preparation and quality control tests for sterile products, such as validation testing, membrane filtration, pyrogen tests, BET (bacterial endotoxin test) and others. This course will include the USP <797> guidelines. Also covered is proper hand washing and garbing. The attendee must pass their Aseptic glove test and their media fill to successfully complete the course.

  • Compounding for Natural Hormone Replacement

Compounding for Natural Hormone Replacement is a 15 hour application-based course designed to further prepare pharmacists and technicians to strengthen their knowledge base in the treatment of men and women with regard to hormone replacement therapy. Participants will be able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of a number of women’s issues, medications used to treat these issues, clinical guidelines for the treatment of women’s health issues, and side effects of these medications.

  • Compounding Options for Pain, Wound and Scar

Compounding Options for Pain, Wound and Scar is a 15hour application-based course. The overall goal of this application based program is to provide the pharmacist and/or technician the ability to learn about pain, its physical and behavioral components, the mechanisms of pain, the treatment of pain both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic, and how to compound unique dosage forms to meet the needs of the patient in pain. In addition the participant will learn the techniques compatible with USP 795 in the provision of quality pharmaceutical preparations and applicable DEA rules. Practical compounding case studies will be presented including the management of painful conditions, and wound and scar treatments.

  • Veterinary Compounding Essentials

Veterinary Compounding Essentials is a 15 hour application-based course designed to introduce the pharmacist and pharmacy technician to veterinary pharmacy compounding. The program provides fundamental techniques for effectively growing the veterinary compounding practice, including calculations, proper safety practices, hands-on compounding, and marketing

Additional information on the compounding training courses can be found on the ACA Calendar.

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Education Center
ACA Building
National Training Lab
Wet Lab
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Visit the CE Search Engine Website

CE Search Engine

Thousands of Activities, Unlimited Potential

CE Search Engine facilitates the development of professionals and adult learners by connecting them with relevant continuing education activities and life-long-learning opportunities. CE Search Engine is the only search engine dedicated exclusively to continuing education, and offers professionals a convenient tool to discover opportunities by subject, provider, or geographic location.

Pharmact CE, CE for Pharmacists
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Request More Information Visit the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists CSHP Website

California Society of Health-System Pharmacists CSHP

"The Leader in Wellness, Patient Safety and the Optimal Use of Medications"

Founded in 1962, CSHP is a professional society representing thousands of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, student pharmacists and associates to promote wellness, patient safety and the optimal use of medications.

The specific purposes and objectives of this corporation are to promote rational, patient-oriented medication therapy across the continuum of care; to foster the optimal and responsible use of medication-related technologies; to promote pharmacists, and technicians as integral members of the healthcare team in order to allow full utilization of their clinical skills and knowledge of the medication use process in each healthcare setting; to serve as a primary advocate for advancing professional practice, optimizing patient outcomes, and improving the quality of patient care; to promote pharmaceutical services that use sound pharmacoeconomic principles; to advocate the pharmacist's and technician's value to patients by ensuring that appropriate clinical services and the medication use process are applied to their benefit; to promote public health by fostering the optimal and responsible use of medications, including education for proper use and/or controlled use of medications; and to promote competency in the profession by offering state of the art education and training programs.

CSHP members practice in a variety of organized health care settings including, but not limited to hospitals, integrated healthcare systems, and clinics, home health care and ambulatory settings.

Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE)

The mission of California Society of Health-System Pharmacists' Continuing Pharmacy Education program is to provide innovative educational activities that will advance the practice of pharmacy and optimize patient care.

California Society of Health-System Pharmacists is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. ACPE standards were designed to facilitate the continuum of learning and emphasize the foundation needed for development of the learner as a lifelong learner.

CSHP's responsibilities to learners:

  • Advocate for lifelong learning of pharmacists and technicians
  • Emphasize systematic, self-directed learning
  • Identify and meet the educational needs of pharmacists and technicians
  • Assure that faculty take an active role in delivering content so pharmacists and technicians are actively engaged in their learning
  • Assess participant learning from a CPE activity
  • Evaluate the impact of CPE activities in pharmacy practice

Seminar 2012: October 18 -21, Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Welcome to the 37th annual meeting of the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists, “Jackpot, Pharmacy!”. CSHP is proud to offer the largest state-run seminar for health-system pharmacists in the United States! The goal of Seminar is to provide our attendees, ranging from pharmacy students to directors, with a venue for networking with colleagues, updating their knowledge, enhancing their skills and learning about the latest products and technologies offered by industry. The multitudes of continuing pharmacy education courses provided at Seminar are developed to maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of all attendees. From presentations to receptions, Seminar has found the perfect balance of content and networking for professional growth and inspiration of health-system pharmacists and technicians as well as other pharmaceutical related professionals. Seminar is designed by health-system pharmacy professionals from California for health-system pharmacy professionals. This ensures greater insight into the unique needs of our members and an opportunity for a meaningful, worthwhile experience tailored to your personal and professional requirements. Seminar 2012 is a fantastic opportunity to fulfill your personal commitment to professional experience and life-long learning.

California society of health system pharmacist, pharmacy technician, pharmacy students, training and education, practice advocate, CSHP, patient care, seminar, jackpot pharmacy, 2012 seminar, paris, Las Vegas hotel

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Visit the CareerTapp Website


- Improve Communication

- Increase registrations

- Project a Progressive Image

To maintain a recruiting edge with the “mobile generation”, your company or institution will require a mobile app for practitioners to quickly and conveniently monitor your CE activity catalog.

Don't go it alone. Building your own custom mobile app can be expensive, time-consuming, and rife with pitfalls. Have you budgeted for the development costs and ongoing maintenance expenses? Do you have an experienced project manager? Are you prepared for the endless meetings and decisions? What if the end result falls short of expectations?

We can help. Our experienced team will have your mobile CE app ready within seven days, with minimal time investment, and at an affordable price. Why CareerTapp?

  • CareerTapp pioneered the standardization of mobile web apps for the continuing education market and jobs market.
  • We have more than 14 years of experience in job board development, ATS development, recruiting, job posting management, recruitment marketing, search engine development, and mobile web app development.
  • We boast an impressive client list spanning Fortune100 companies, universities, and trade associations. Our clients include Target, Walmart, Harvard University, Kroger, CVS/Caremark, Costco, Cleveland Clinic, Brown University, Safeway, and Cardinal Health.

Please have your recruiting department contact us to learn more about our simple, affordable, and headache-free mobile app development services.

Mobile Job Search App Logo Development
Mobile Job Apps for Hospitals
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Request More Information Visit the LP3 Network Website

A Global Leader in Continuing Healthcare Education

LP3 Network was founded to provide the healthcare community with exceptional programs in continuing education. At LP3 Network, we believe in raising the standards of healthcare through quality education and training. Our team of experts develop innovative and high-quality programs to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed!

Our mission is to provide you with a platform of educational programs that will have a positive impact on your professional development within the healthcare industry.

  • Education is the foundation of our business;
  • We strive to empower the healthcare community through best practices;
  • At LP3 Network, we are committed to providing you with knowledge and expertise;
  • We believe in providing you with options – choose from our wide range of courses and training activities.

LP3 Network recognizes the need to provide today’s healthcare professionals with a unique experience in continuing education, while maintaining an emphasis on quality and integrity.

Activity Portfolio

The combined efforts of LP3 Network and the University of Florida College of Pharmacy allow us to offer the finest in accredited continued healthcare education. We have prepared a number of high-quality activities that will enhance your professional knowledge. Visit our website to view detailed descriptions for all of our available activities. Our current available courses are:

  • Advanced Non-Sterile Compounding
  • Business Ready: Marketing & Sales for the Successful Compounding Pharmacist
  • Essential Elements of Compounded Sterile Preparations
  • Essential Elements of Hazardous Drug Compounding
  • Essential Elements of Prescription Analgesic Compounding
  • Essential Elements of Prescription Hormone Compounding
  • Preparing for a State Board of Pharmacy Compounding Practice Inspection
  • The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding®: Non-Sterile Training
  • The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding: Technician Training
  • Self-Directed Learning Modules* (non-accredited)

Our team of facilitators and contributors consists of some of the foremost experts in their respective fields. Our specialists are dedicated to helping you gain the knowledge and experience required to advance your career.

Our Accreditor

Since our inception, LP3 Network has pursued a dream of developing a comprehensive portfolio of continuing education programs for the healthcare industry. With these goals in tow, the company developed a strong relationship with the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. This well-respected institution is the accreditor for all of LP3 Network’s live training activities.

The established relationship with the University of Florida College of Pharmacy allows LP3 Network to offer those seeking further healthcare education with the finest in continuous professional development. All of LP3 Network’s live training activities are accredited by the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and we pride ourselves on the quality of these activities and the competency they bring to all of our clients.

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MEDISCA Network's Specialized USP <800> Consultation Services

MEDISCA Network's one-on-one Consultation Service is designed to provide you with step-by-step guidance to achieve USP <800> compliance. Save time and money by implementing the right plan for your business needs!

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With PCCA, Membership Means Partnership

Compounding pharmacists make a difference for patients. As the industry's most comprehensive resource, PCCA makes a difference for compounding pharmacists, offering the highest quality products, education, and support.

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LP3 Network

Participate in our hazardous drug compounding training and webinars.

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Products. Education. Support.

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Pocket Nurse

Pharm Ed, Complete Medication Management Education for your Pharmacy Education Programs

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Continuing Education Resources

The Collaborative Education Institute
Our programs and services provide quality continuing professional development for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and student pharmacists in order to advance pharmacy practice and enhance the quality of care provided to patients. If you want more out of professional continuing education, CEI can help. Whether you are seeking CE programs, looking for an education partner, or striving to obtain professional development opportunities, you’ve come to the right place.

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