Cold Chain Management & Thermal Packaging

Leading Providers of Cold Chain Packaging, Thermal Packaging, Temperature Controlled Shipping, Logistics, Management & Thermal Technology

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Safe Chain Solutions

Your Vital Link To Patient Care.

Safe Chain Solutions is a full-service pharmaceutical wholesaler serving a diverse network of healthcare facilities nationwide. We are a whole care, wholesale pharmaceutical distributor. We provide the safest and most secure range of wholesale pharmaceutical and healthcare products to independent retail pharmacies, Surgery Centers, Urgent Cares, compound specialty pharmacies, hospitals, International Research and Government managed facilities as well as Physicians.

Our values define who we are and drive us to provide value to our business partners. We have integrated our values into systems that help you deliver vital care to your patients, business, and customer relationships. Safe Chain Solutions believes that your patients and business deserve the best care possible, and we assist in just that.

What can Safe Chain offer you?

  • $20,000+ Initial Credit Upon Approval
  • 30 Day Terms
  • Nationwide Distribution Centers
  • No Minimum
  • FREE Shipping
  • Dedicated Account Representatives

Headquartered in Cambridge, MD, we have sales offices in Miami and Annapolis, MD, and operate warehouses in Cambridge, MD, Louisville, KY, and St. George, UT.

Leading Providers of Cold Chain Packaging, Thermal Packaging, Temperature Controlled Shipping, Cold Chain Logistics, Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring, Cold Chain Management & Technology
Pharmaceutical Wholesaler
Safe Chain Solutions
Pharmaceutical Supplier
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TemperPack is the Leader in Sustainable Cold-Chain Packaging

TemperPack has a 4-year track record of serving some of the largest brands in the country, and to date, we’ve never had a company use our products and switch back to EPS foam.

TemperPack is a vertically integrated manufacturing company with packaging design, thermal validation, and distribution capabilities in North America and EMEA. We have customers in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia and are currently one of the largest single producers of insulated shipping systems in North America.

Whether you ship 2-8°C, CRT, or frozen, let us help you solve your cold chain shipping needs today.

Cold Chain Management, Sustainable, Thermal, Packaging
Cold Chain Management
Thermal Packaging
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Continuous Temperature Monitoring

Rees Scientific specializes in protecting your valuable assets. Since 1982, Rees Scientific has been the industry standard for automated temperature monitoring. We offer continuous monitoring, centralized data collection, and simplified reporting. Monitor critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, differential Pressure, light control, etc. in vital equipment such as stability chambers, LN2 tanks, refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers, incubators, etc. A single system can monitor a diverse facility with multiple locations while providing instant data access and sophisticated analysis right from your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Alarm notifications can be sent through telephone, text messages as well as e-mail.

LCD Display Module

View sensor conditions of your unit right from the Rees Scientific LCD display module. Ideal for pharmacies that house vaccines in their refrigerators. Monitoring temperature of vaccines is a crucial task that is regulated by many different government health organizations. The Rees Scientific LCD module complies with the guidelines of vaccines storage and handling from CDC, NIH, NIST, AAP, and PHAC.

  • Display sensor condition(s) (Temperature, Humidity, etc.)
  • Each module supports up to 2 sensors
  • Differential Pressure Module available
  • Local audio and visual (LED) alarm available
  • Ability to inhibit local alarm at module
  • Centron Monitoring System will continue to alarm & dial out as programmed
  • Available in Zigbee or WiFi
  • Works with legacy Centron hardware and Rees Cloud Systems
  • Available with Snap-Cert calibration certificate
LPA Wireless

Our LPA Cloud WiFi kits are a simple and economical way to monitor temperature in critical equipment such as refrigerators and freezers. The system will alarm out and notify when the temperature of a refrigerator or freezer fluctuates out of a given range. It is an ideal solution for laboratories, pharmacies, health clinics(Vaccine Temperature Monitoring) and food stores. Along with temperature, LPA Wireless also provides humidity and differential pressure sensors that help you become compliant with USP 797 regulatory requirements.

  • Monitor 1, 2 or 6 inputs.
  • Module available with LCD display for compliance with CDC, NIH, NIST guidelines
  • View the status of your equipment from anywhere through an App or a browser.
  • Full graphical overview of the system.
  • Convenient Alarm Control.
  • Fully control and customize your menus.
  • Computerized compliance with reports.
  • Only requirement is WiFi.
  • Receive alarms- alerts via interactive phone, texts, and e-mail

ReesCloud is an optimal asset that provides a secure, fast and easy way to continuously monitor your critical equipment and environment conditions. Features include:

  • The first 21 CFR compliance cloud system in the industry
  • View the status of your equipment via app or browser
  • No software, PC or server required
  • Only requirement is a data connection
  • Easy and economical installation
  • Monitor multiple locations from anywhere
  • Receive alerts via interactive phone, texts, and emails
  • Rees full menu of validation and service options also available
  • Multiple levels of redundancy (additional Failover Node options available)

Today, we continue to lead the field, taking cues from our clients and their environmental challenges. We ensure that your critical equipment and devices are monitored and maintained to set a standard every day without exception and without fail. Rees Scientific will continue to build products and services that help provide resolutions for our customers. Our goal is to be a quality provider of systems, services and solutions for our clients.

cold chain temperature monitoring and reporting, thermal package monitoring

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Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit

Where Specialty Pharmacy Meets
Asembia's annual Specialty Pharmacy Summit will return to Wynn & Encore Las Vegas from April 29 through May 2, 2019. The Summit attracts thousands of industry executives and professionals to participate in business workshops, educational seminars, exhibits, and live continuing education credits, along with numerous networking and social events. Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of specialty pharmacy from renowned industry speakers who share insight about the most current information on the many facets of the nearly $150 billion specialty pharmacy channel.

From pharmacy owners and C-Suite executives to purchasing agents and national account managers, Summit attendees represent a diverse blend of the industry’s most influential thought leaders and key decision makers. The broad variety of timely business and educational sessions, wide range of expert speakers, and extensive networking opportunities make the Asembia annual conference an essential event for all health care professionals. The 2019 conference will welcome over 6,500 attendees, representing more than 1,200 organizations.

The four-day agenda includes expert panel discussions and interactive business and educational seminars on the latest industry topics, as well as vendor exhibits and networking events. 2019 highlights include Keynote Speaker, Maria Shriver, advocate and founder of the women’s Alzheimer’s movement; as well as a featured business session on Specialty Pharmacy Industry Outlook with Adam Fein, Doug Long and Lisa Gill.

Asembia's Specialty Pharmacy Summit offers organizations operating within the specialty pharmacy segment the opportunity to showcase their products and services through an interactive exhibit hall experience. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet and connect with highly engaged attendees from throughout the specialty pharmacy industry.

Register today at

In addition to hosting the Summit, as the leading services provider to the specialty pharmacy industry, Asembia collaborates with specialty pharmacies, manufacturers, prescribers, payers and other industry stakeholders to bring strategic channel management solutions, leading-edge products and high-touch services that help our customers optimize patient care and outcomes. Learn more at

cold Chain solutions and thermal packaging providers

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Improving Patient Perception of Home Delivered Medications

Improving Patient Perception of Home Delivered Medications


Specialty pharmacies often rely on wholesalers to manage downstream distribution from drug manufacturers...

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Pelican BioThermal Booklet

Pelican BioThermal Booklet

Pelican BioThermal

Pelican BioThermal is the first cold chain packaging solutions provider to make available a broad and diverse portfolio of single use and reusable passive temperature controlled shippers for the life science industry. Our product brands are available in a host of payload capacities from 2 to 96 liters and offer unprecedented flexibility to fully optimize performance and contain costs through volume efficiency, simple packout, reduced inventory needs and lower distribution costs while protecting valuable, critical pharmaceuticals, diagnostics/clinical trials, tissue, vaccines and blood supplies to the last mile around the world.

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Continuous Automated Monitoring Systems

Continuous Automated Monitoring Systems

Rees Scientific

Rees Scientific specializes in protecting your valuable assets. Since 1982, Rees Scientific has been the industry standard for continuous automated temperature monitoring. Today, we continue to lead the field, taking input from our clients and learning from their environmental challenges. We ensure that critical equipment and devices are monitored and maintained.

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Winland Electronics Insight Solution - Seamlessly Monitors and Manages Critical Drug Environment Conditions

Monitor critical drug temperature information to ensure safety and regulatory requirements. Provides real-time alerts, robust reporting capabilities, data logging, and remote management of devices.

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TemperPack's ClimaCell™ Insulated Cooler

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Rees Scientific

Continuous Temperature Monitoring

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Automated, Affordable Solutions for Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

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Rees Scientific

Continuous Automated Temperature Monitoring for Pharmacies

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Complete Specialty Pharmacy Monitoring Solutions

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Introducing EDGE Electronic Sensors for Wireless Temperature Tracking

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Primex Wireless

OneVue - Intelligent temperature monitoring

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TransTracker - Since 1996, more that six billion temperature indicators have been affixed to temperature sensitive biologics shipped around the world

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Cold Chain Management & Thermal Packaging

From Wikipedia:
A cold chain or cool chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics, which maintain a desired low-temperature range. It is used to preserve and to extend and ensure the shelf life of products, such as fresh agricultural produce,[1] seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs.[2] Such products, during transport and when in transient storage, are sometimes called cool cargo.[3] Unlike other goods or merchandise, cold chain goods are perishable and always en route towards end use or destination, even when held temporarily in cold stores and hence commonly referred to as cargo during its entire logistics cycle.

Cold chain logistics includes all of the means used to ensure a constant temperature for a product that is not heat stable, from the time it is manufactured until the time it is used. Moreover, cold chain is considered as a science, a technology and a process. It is a science as it requires the understanding of the chemical and biological processes associated with product perishability. It is a technology as it relies on physical means to ensure desirable temperature conditions along the supply chain. It is a process as a series of tasks must be performed to manufacture, store, transport and monitor temperature sensitive products.

Pelican BioThermal
At Pelican BioThermal, we know temperature-controlled packaging. We provide proven solutions that ensure the safe distribution of highly sensitive materials while optimizing costs. But the key to our success — and yours — lies in our consultative approach. We partner with pharmaceutical companies to design solutions that fit the unique needs of their industry, their markets and their payloads. Our unmatched expertise and award-winning service is always there, ready to help you solve new challenges and pursue new opportunities. It’s a partnership that keeps your business at the forefront.
Rees Scientific
Rees Scientific provides continuous automated monitoring to a limitless number of applications in a wide range of industries. From Pharmaceutical to Blood Banking, Laboratory Animal Research to Biotech and Hospitals, Rees Scientific has become the standard by which other monitoring systems are judged. Our systems monitor critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, differential pressure, lighting control, carbon dioxide, oxygen, light and air changes per hour. We monitor critical equipment such as stability chambers, refrigerators, freezers, LN2 Tanks, incubators, animal holding rooms, ultra-low freezers, cold rooms and clean rooms.
As an ISTA member, we’ve validated our pack-outs to meet the precise thermal specifications that our clients require. We’ve logged over 1,000,000 hours of testing for the largest brands in perishable shipping
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