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The Modern Way to Crush Meds!

EPS Tablet Crushers have been designed to conveniently and effectively crush medication for patients who cannot or wont swallow tablets. Our deluxe Medi-Crush units are manufactured from shatter-proof, lightweight plastic while our Heavy Duty Metal Tablet Crushers are constructed from die-cast stainless steel. Our Heavy Duty Plastic Crushers are available in 4 colors all with durable stainless steel fittings. All EPS crushers use ¾ ounce crush cups to eliminate cross contamination.

Heavy Duty Metal Crushers:
A convenient, modern way to crush meds! Heavily chromed die-cast components with stainless steel fitting.

Heavy Duty Plastic Crushers:
A convenient, modern way to crush meds! Made of rugged plastic with stainless steel fittings, PC109 is available in your choice of 4 decor complimenting colors; BLUE, BERRY, TEAL, or BLACK!

Economical Medi-Crushers:
Many patients cannot or will not swallow pills or tablets. Medi-Crush saves time because it is easy to use. Made of durable shatterproof plastic yet inexpensive enough to put one at each nursing station.

The Medi-Dose® Group, known for its innovative solid and liquid oral unit dose packaging systems, has always had deep roots---family roots. This is not surprising since Medi-Dose began as a small family business. Medi-Dose was founded in 1971 when Milton Braverman, a former pharmaceutical company Territory Manager, formed his own company.

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 Health Care Logistics
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Health Care Logistics

Pill Splitters and Tablet Cutters

Whether youre searching for quieter, more efficient tablet crushing methods or simpler, smarter tablet cutting solutions, HCL has you covered so you dont have to cut corners.

Tablet Crushers/Cutters rank among the most versatile products in our inventory and we have solutions for every need! Professionals in every setting will find the perfect device to meet their crushing criteria, while personal versions make it easy for patients to crush or cut on their own. Compact sizes and contemporary styles make our newest additions popular for use at home and on the go.

HCL also provides a full range of cutting and crushing accessories, including Crusher Bags or Crusher Pouches, Medication Cups or Medication Cup Dispensers.

Splitters Crushers
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Manually splitting tablets is a tedious, messy, and time-consuming chore for your technicians and pharmacists.

Automatically and precisely split tablets with the BullsEye Tablet Splitter. Manual splitting is often times inaccurate, and in many circumstances can ruin a medication by crumbling it. The BullsEye uses canisters that are individually calibrated for each specific medication to be split in half. The process is simple: barcode scan the canister or medication bottle, enter the quantity to be split, and the device will then accurately split the medication.

Patients have been known to cut their tablets into halves;however, cutting tablets in half is risky if not done correctly. A recent research study found that when elderly patients split their doses, the doses deviated 9-37% from those intended. The study warned that while an approximate deviation of 10% may not be clinically significant, the larger deviations in this study could be hazardous in some cases.

Advantages of the BullsEye Tablet Splitter:

  • Saves labor on manual splitting
  • Splits 16 pills per minute
  • Accurately splits tablets to fulfill prescriptions of half strength
  • Saves space by reducing the quantity of strengths of medications you need to carry on your formulary
  • Saves money by splitting larger, comparably priced tablets into two equal half tablets
  • Increases patient safety by splitting tablets more precisely and ensuring patients get appropriate doses
  • Expedites payments from insurers who deny payments for prescriptions of lower strengths
  • Splits tablets for patients who have trouble swallowing larger tablets
bullseye tablet splitter
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This a brief overview webinar and practice discussion/Q&A on two new antimicrobials to market: • dalbavancin (Dalvance®, Durata) and tedizolid (Sivextro®, Cubist). Speakers: Corporate Clinical Team: Rabiah Dys and Davey Legendre ...
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Chronic Pain in Primary Care: Designing and Implementing a Management Plan, Module 3 - Managing patients with chronic pain in primary care has been a challenge. A review of the literature indicates that these challenges impact all healthcare providers. The CE for program is valid through August 31, 2015. After completion of this activity parti...
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Food allergy is an immune-based disease that has increased in the US in recent years according to several national health surveys. The prevalence of reported food allergy increased 18% from 1997 to 2007, and it is now estimated to affect 5% of children under the age of 5 years. Food allergy occurs most often in the first 3 years of life. The most c...
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In this webinar, we'll discuss how to develop, write and submit a winning proposal to present a session at the ATA Annual Conference. Based on her experience presenting at multiple ATA Annual Conferences, the presenter will review the proposal form, discuss how to select a topic, track and level for your presentation, and how to write an engaging d...
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“The CTIE program is the perfect “brush up” education for anyone managing and leading in the travel industry.” - Randall Yaroch, CTIE, owner & managing director – The Travel Society, LLC If you have at least five years of travel industry experience and want to focus on the critical skills that today’s leaders need to succeed, then m...
I-CAR Trim and Hardware
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This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Non-Structural Technician Refinish Technician Auto Physical Damage Appraiser If you are a Refinish Technician Role Rep and would like an Online alternative to TRM01 in ProLevel 1, you may take TRM03e instead – a savings of 3 credit hours over the Live course TRM...
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This training will equip caregivers with necessary skills to address the differences in children’s grieving processes versus how adults grieve. We will identify ways that children grieve with attention given to developmental expectations and differences, strategies to use when dealing with a grieving child, signs of distress, and literature that ...
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