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TCGRx - Pharmacy Automation & Robotic Systems

ATP® 2

The new ATP® 2 is industry’s most comprehensive and accurate oral solid packager. TCG’s innovative and groundbreaking software addresses market needs that have never before been addressed. ATP 2 is now expandable from 64 to 480 canisters, and with AutoSense™ SmartChip technology, your canister bandwidth is unlimited. With ATP 2’s new Dual Tray system, you can continuously run without interruptions. The integrated dual tray precipitates constant pre-staging of tray medications, so there is no pausing mid-batch for a tray refill. The new ATP 2 also provides 4 pouch sizes for maximum flexibility. Graphic printing allows you to include more meds per pouch using the new Label manager. Reproduce labels with a touch of a button with any Windows fonts, adding logos, graphics, extended barcode options including QR code and Aztec symbologies.

Long Term Care and Assisted Living:

  • Facilitates a cost-effective alternative to blister packages with automated unit dose and multi-med pouch strips
  • Hands-free and high speed production of unit dose strips for box/cart replenishment
  • Multi-med packages with medication capacity of up to 7 different medications and the ability to isolate expensive or controlled medications in individual packages in sequence with the other bags to facilitate ease of dispense as well as ease of return and control
  • The unique ability to automate up to 710 medications across multiple devices handles high volume unit dose packaging needs

Hospital, Corrections, Clinics:

  • Suitable to the specific needs of any pharmacy. With the ability to scale from 64 to 480 medications, formulary can be added as needed
  • Redundant lower packaging unit facilitates the change from wide to narrow papers to switch between multi-med or unit dose pouches


  • Give your customers the ability to synchronize their meds to a 30-day cycle fill with AdherePac™ produced by the ATP, using the support of our AdherePac marketing kit program customized to your brand
  • Boost business by employing the AdherePac program with your customers, ensuring medication adherence, and guaranteeing refills each month with customers enrolled in the program. Increase your ROI by suggesting the addition of vitamins for pennies on the dollar.

Bringing efficiency and accuracy to the pouch verification process

  • Small footprint
  • 3 processing speed models
    • Inspect 24 – 2,400 pouches/hr.
    • Inspect 36 – 3,600 pouches/hr.
    • Inspect 54 – 5,400 pouches/hr.
  • Inspect 24 and 36 are upgradable to faster speeds as your volume dictates
  • Multiple spectrum analysis camera
  • “On the fly” reference imaging streamlines database maintenance
  • Corrector station facilitates correction and documentation of pouches requiring attention
  • Manager application provides easy retrieval of images and quick reporting of production statistics
  • Images are analyzed using a self-maintained database to inspect 12 characteristics of meds in each pouch.


A precision-engineered, high-density storage product line that will help your pharmacy become more organized, reduce your inventory footprint, and speed up your script-filling process. HDStock has been specifically designed to store medications, paying special attention to ergonomics and functionality. The result is a completely logical storage system that’s extraordinarily convenient to use. No other system offers you drawers that can store more items within the same space.

  • Reduced footprint and reduction in inventory
  • Less walking - Faster script filling
  • Clean, modern and organized appearance
  • Promotes first-in, first-out inventory reduces expired medications and open bottles
  • LED lights on workstations increases visibility and is more ergonomic
  • Fixtures are mobile for future re-configuration as pharmacy needs change
  • Increased work surfaces while reducing storage footprint
  • Unique divider system reduces the risk of errors