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Real-Time Location System for Hospitals: Improving Facilities for Patients and Staff
Healthcare executives constantly grapple with issues concerning the safety of their facility, the satisfaction of their staff, the quality of care provided to their patients and the costly workflow inefficiencies that impact their bottom line. Oftentimes, information technology (IT) innovation for healthcare is cited as a potential vehicle for improvement. Innovators are constantly working to create technology that can both promote patient safety and support streamlined business operations. What is one of the newest and most effective ways of addressing these challenges? Integrating Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) into hospital processes.

What is CenTrak’s RTLS Solution: Clinical-Grade Visibility™
CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Visibility Technology include these key features that make it the most accurate locating system for hospitals:

  • Location accuracy — Most RTLS systems breakdown the facility by estimated zones to locate assets. However, the ability to define the clinical area based on the healthcare facility’s specific requirements is one thing that makes a visibility system more accurate. Knowing the supplies are on a particular floor or unit as opposed to knowing which room or even which shelf they are on is an important point of accuracy.

The capacity of segmenting space into appropriate zones is how CenTrak provides accurate location visibility. Zones such as nursing stations, beds, patient rooms, bays and hallways are clinically significant, and therefore, most useful for medical applications.

  • Update Speed — An accurate location is only useful if it is delivered in time. Items and people can move quickly in a hospital, which is why CenTrak’s platform updates accordingly. For certain pieces of equipment, update speed might not matter since they do not move often. In this case, update rates are customizable to optimize tag battery life.

CenTrak makes it possible to capture equipment, patient and staff interactions by delivering condition and location updates rapidly. Within seconds clinical milestones are collected.

  • Reliability —Low batteries and hardware failures can disrupt the flow of work and operations for the entire facility. CenTrak delivers critical condition, location and status updates to your chosen software application. Complete visibility is possible at-a-glance due to enterprise-level devices and tags equipped with long-lasting batteries.

With CenTrak’s Connect™ Pulse, healthcare facilities are notified when batteries are running low to ensure proper maintenance and prevent lost assets.

  • Condition Monitoring — Supplies that require strict temperature or humidity control need extra attention in storage and during transportation. Collecting environmental conditions data on these items is critical to ensuring they are still safe and viable when used. In addition to location, this vital information needs to be recorded and available to the appropriate personnel to aid with compliance regulations.

With automated environmental monitoring and pharmacy temperature monitoring, CenTrak keeps critical pharmaceuticals, blood, lab samples and vaccines safe and ready for patient use and maintains records on their storage temperature and conditions.

  • Installation —Systems that require extensive hardwiring are costly and time-consuming to install. Meanwhile, battery-powered devices are installed easily in patient care areas without the need to close rooms or deploy special infection prevention measures.

CenTrak’s wireless infrastructure has resilient batteries that are easy to change in the field, providing enterprise-class monitoring and visibility to healthcare facilities.

  • Interoperability — Integrating with other systems is a big benefit to a location technology platform. Healthcare facilities are full of independent systems operating in specific departments or across the entire facility. The best RTLS systems work with existing hardware and software making it easier to parse together all of the data needed to make decisions.

CenTrak integrates easily with over 130 healthcare applications including Nurse Call, Electronic Medical Records, Computerized Maintenance Management, and other security and access control systems your facility may already have in place, such as card access, video surveillance, public address systems and pagers.

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