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RXinsider’s Pharmacy B2B ECOSYSTEM supports pharmacy decision-makers by providing a variety of multimedia resources enabling them to efficiently research and connect with leading product and service providers.

Everyone's talking about the Pharmacy B2B ECOSYSTEM!

“I love RXinsider’s Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show. When I was opening up my first pharmacy, I spent dozens of hours over the course of six months in the Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show researching the exhibitors and the products they offered.”
Casey Kelleher, Owner and Certified Pharmacy Technician
Neighborhood Pharmacy - Boynton Beach, FL

I enjoy receiving and reading the 20Ways publication. I often tear out and save product profiles that may be of use to our pharmacy. Keep it coming!
Martin Torres, PharmD - Director of Pharmacy
AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center - Anaheim, CA

“I have been reading the 20Ways publication since its inception. The products and services presented help me stay current with the available opportunities to help my business grow and prosper. Prior to the 20Ways, I have found it a challenge to stay up to date on new products available in the market.”
John Engelhardt RPh
Medicap Pharmacy - Austin, MN

“Simply tremendous. The content of the 20Ways and Pharmacy Platinum Pages is practical and I consider them to be the primary resource for discovering new ideas to implement in my pharmacy. I look forward to every issue.”
Jeff Williams
Williams Brothers Pharmacy - Washington, IN

“Whenever I’m in the market to purchase new products for our pharmacy, I turn to RXinsider’s Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show due to its relevance and comprehensive nature.”
Mike Kroetch, COO
ReliantRx Long Term Care Pharmacy - Spokane, WA

“The Pharmacy Platinum Pages is an excellent resource that I look forward to receiving each year. My buyer and I turn to it regularly to research specific technology and service providers. It’s comprehensive and relevant… I know I’ll find what I need.”
Brian Furbush RPh, Director of Pharmacy
HealthSouth – Toms River, NJ

“We receive tons of junk mail and marketing propaganda, but the 20Ways is different. I love the unique products and ideas presented in the structured format the 20Ways offers. I look forward to receiving it and would suggest it be published more frequently.”
Jeff Kirkpatrick, Pharmacist
Kirkpatrick Drug - Saratoga Springs, UT

“RXinsider’s publications and Virtual Trade Show website are the most comprehensive resources available to an independent pharmacy owner. I base buying decisions on the vendors present. From financial to clinical, I depend on RXinsider for comprehensive information on the market.”
Kate Pellittieri, Director of Pharmacy
Slocum-Dickson Medical Group - New Hartford, NY

“RXinsider’s Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show & Pharmacy Platinum Pages is the perfect one-stop destination for a busy pharmacy owner such as myself to quickly research all of the leading players in the pharmacy marketplace. If I have a specific need for a particular product or service; I turn to RXinsider so that I can make quick, accurate and informed decisions so that my multiple pharmacies can continue to operate at a very-high level.”
John Pozar, Managing Partner
Medical Center Pharmacy, NJ

“I enjoy reading the 20Ways to keep up on emerging market trends. I also enjoy reading the Pharmacy Platinum Pages and appreciate the convenience of market leaders and their contact information being aggregated under specific market categories.”
Denice Payne, RPH
Payne Family Pharmacy - Floydada, TX

“I look forward to obtaining RXinsider’s "Annual Pharmacy Platinum Pages" every March. All of the high level contact information from the leading pharmacy providers in one location makes my research work as a pharmacy director that much easier and less time consuming. Time is never on our side within the pharmacy and this publication cuts right to the point. It gives me everything that I am looking for and keeps me educated on the ever-changing pharmacy market.”
Barry Wilson, R.Ph., B.S., M.S., J.D. - Director of Pharmacy
Family Care Health Centers - Saint Louis, MO

“With market pressure from managed care, independent pharmacies need to find new and unique ways to generate additional revenue streams. I find the 20Ways the perfect resource to turn to. It is relevant, timely and exceptionally well done.”
Betty Perez
MedCare Pharmacy - Edinburg, TX

“I don't know how many times I could have used the "Annual Pharmacy Platinum Pages" in the past. This was the first time I had an opportunity to review this publication and thought it was very well done. To have all the addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses together in one location makes my work so much easier when evaluating products and services. I also like the "tear out" cards that can be used to obtain more specific information. Keep up the good work.”
Bob Burton RPh, MBA
Ray County Hospital, Richmond, MO

“I find the 20Ways publication informative, relevant and to-the-point… just what a busy pharmacy owner needs. Our pharmacy is following up on four of the Ways profile in the fall issue.”
Tommy Williams RPh, Owner / Proprietor
Apothecary West Pharmacy - Kearns, UT

“As a pharmacy owner, my time is limited. The Pharmacy Platinum Pages provides a very concise and comprehensive look at the companies and resources available to help improve and grow my business.”
David Feeney RPh – Independent Pharmacy Owner
Oxnard Pharmacy - Warwick, RI

“20Ways and Platinum Pages are an easy way to keep abreast of unique ideas to improve revenue streams. I look forward to receiving the publications and ensure all of my pharmacies get a copy as well!”
Raana Stiefe
Cardinal Health

“I read the 20Ways Spring edition and was very impressed with the publication. Many of the ideas presented I will put into use in the practice of pharmacy in our family business. We are a 10 store independent chain in Western Pennsylvania.”
Colleen Sellenr – Pharmacist / Owner
Klingensmith Drug Stores Inc – Ford City, PA

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