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Return Solutions

Pharmacy Returns

The Simplest, Most Efficient Credit Reimbursement Available

Partner with the most trusted returns company in the industry to increase your inventory profitability and reduce time spent on returns. Return Solutions is a preferred vendor of over 25 independent pharmacy buying groups across the country, with a reputation for honesty, accuracy, and quick reimbursement. If you are tired of confusing fee structures, additional charges, and elaborate credit tracking processes, consider giving Return Solutions a risk-free trial.

The OneCheck Select program offers the fastest and simplest reimbursement program available. Receive a single check, for all credit due through OneCheck Select, within as few as 10 days after your return, or choose from the 30, 60, or 90-day payment options. The fee is an all-inclusive percentage of returnable credit value. Manufacturer credit values are listed on the check stub, vastly reducing the complexity of credit tracking, and saving you time.

Sign up with Return Solutions today to receive the 30-for-90 promotion on your first return the check for your credit will be issued in just 30 days at the lower 90-day reimbursement rate.

On-Site Service

  • Experienced reps scan all prescription shelves for short-dated and outdated items.
  • All items are scanned into our proprietary valuation software.
  • Items are packaged and prepared for FedEx pickup.
  • Receive a credit estimate before the rep leaves your store.

Mail-In Service

  • Only CII-CV items are required to be inventoried.
  • Print Return Authorization form and prepaid UPS shipping label.
  • Give boxes to any UPS driver.
  • Receive a credit estimate online within 3-5 business days.

Destruction Service

  • Accept samples, non-hazardous compounding chemicals, and other nonsaleable waste.
  • Items are transported to an EPA approved, waste-to-energy incinerator.
  • Destruction is witnessed by at least two employees.
  • Proof of destruction and DEA forms provided.

Consumer Medication Collection
We are excited to offer a system that will allow you to provide a solution to your community for unused and expired prescription medications. MedCollect by Return Solutions provides simple, cost-effective, and compliant collection and disposal of consumer prescription medications for as little as $89 per month. Select your cabinet size, number of collection kits, and length of your agreement, and your cabinet and first two collection kits will be shipped out immediately. Everything you need for compliant collection and destruction is included in the price. Help keep your community safe and protect our environment with a MedCollect kiosk in your pharmacy.

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