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Rx Systems

Hang Up Bags
Will Call Prescription retrieval and storage system.

With see-thru bags and an alphabetical filing system on a convenient wall rack you can locate a customer's prescriptions in 25% less time vs bin or drawer systems.

  • Helps eliminate errors
  • HIPAA responsive
  • Improves customer service

Hang Up bags are reusable and can be sanitized. These heavy-duty bags are available in 7 sizes. Pick one primary size bag, and a larger size for bulk items on the lower rack.

Choose from various styles of racks to best fit your pharmacy layout:

1. Deluxe Wall Racks
2. Standard Wall Racks
3. Revolving Racks
4. DYI Racks build your own custom racks using 3/8 rods.

The Bag Caddy is a convenient way to organize used bags at check out, and hold extra bags for new scripts. Use Alphabetical Index Tabs to quickly locate Will Call bags.


Magnetic Shelf Dividers are another great way to organize your pharmacy. Prevent picking and filling errors by using the dividers to separate every NDC in stock.

These white polystyrene dividers with magnetic strip on the bottom allow for easy adjustments on metal shelves to create variable inventory sections for Stock Bottles.

Magnetic Shelf Dividers are available in 2 length and 3 height options to fit any metal shelf in your pharmacy. Six total size combinations are available and are sold by the Dozen.

Choose from three height options 2, 3 or 4 plus 6 or 9 deep. Most popular is 2 High x 6 Deep.

Rx Systems is a Family-owned mfr of RX LABELS, PILL CARDS, CUSTOM BAGS & RX VIALS, plus the VIVID-1 PILL COUNTER, celebrating 45 years in 2024.

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