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Noritsu Pharmacy Automation

Noritsu Pharmacy Automation

How much is your current solution costing you?

Using legacy systems in your pharmacy may be costing you more than you realize. High labor costs, wasted product and packaging, production errors, and lower compliance and adherence… These things can all add up, affecting your bottom line.

Noritsu Pharmacy Automation can help. Our systems offer increased accuracy, improved throughput, and saved space in your facility, all while helping to reduce labor, simplify processes, and increase compliance. With Noritsu’s equipment, software, and experience, you can have a pharmacy automation solution that maximizes your space and labor while allowing you to offer compliance packaging that can help care facilities offer more to their patients.

Noritsu understands the issues you face with large and ever changing formularies, shrinking reimbursements, and difficulties in maintaining skilled labor but, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We tailor solutions to fit the individual needs of each pharmacy.

Our reliable packagers, verifiers, and software are compatible with nearly any software in the industry. We will work together with you and your team to create an integrated packaging system that becomes a showpiece for your business.

Noritsu makes automation simple

1: Consult with one of our experts.
We’ll set up a time for us to learn about your goals, your challenges, and your plans for the future of your business. We’ll analyze your current processes.

2: Develop a plan.
We’ll introduce you to our products and processes, show you the advantages of proposed systems and software, then work with you and your team to design a solution

3: Implement and Follow up
After install and setup we’ll be there for you, helping to streamline processes even further. Our hands-on approach doesn’t end after the sale. We take pride in our ongoing relationships with our customers.

Strip Pouch Packagers

Our accurate, fast, and reliable Xana packagers feature a unique design engineered around efficient pharmacy workflow. The space saving vertical drawer design allows for more meds in a smaller space, with easy refilling and stock rotation, while the patented "Intelligent Feeder" system ensures the highest level of accuracy.

You don’t have to be an engineer to appreciate the build quality of this equipment. Once you see, hear, and feel how smoothly the Xana Series operates, you’ll have confidence in its reliability. Reliable equipment means you can spend more time building your business.

  • "Built to Last" - Best in class build quality, backed with nationwide service and support
  • Precise dispensing and packaging with the "Intelligent Feeder" system
  • High-quality pouch printing-include patient data and photo ID clearly printed on the pouch
  • Easy to use interface that can be integrated into virtually any workflow

The MDM series of detection systems offer state of the art medication validation by patient regimented pouch and dose analysis. Built with durability and accuracy in mind, an MDM system can increase your workflow dramatically by quickly checking every pouch for accuracy against a library of medications.

  • Many models available to fit the needs of any size facility
  • Proprietary software images each pouch for confirmation now and in the future
  • Pharmacists can visually check each pouch quickly and easily from anywhere on the network with our MDC software, eliminating the need to handle pouches
NexusRx Pharmacy Control Software

Combining pharmacy management, packaging, verification, and archiving all in one efficient and versatile workflow, our Noritsu NexusRx software suite lets you take control of your entire back room operation. NexusRx has the tools to keep up with and improve your day-to-day pharmacy operations while simultaneously offering your customers more options and versatility. Quickly and easily build customized facility, ward, or patient level preferences to accommodate even the most demanding facilities.

  • Pharmacy Advantages
  • Create eKits, PRN’s, and Dailies with no additional software
  • Authorize NDC changes with robust reporting for uninterrupted production
  • GTIN and GS-1 barcode support for fast and accurate in-line data entry
  • Facility Advantages
  • Noritsu Perfect Pouch - fully customizable, high quality pouch printing system
  • Integrated eMar for increased safety and accuracy
  • Easily configure med passes based on patient, NDC, time of day or week, just about any way you can think of
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