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Medication Adherence

Jones Healthcare Group

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Over a century creating value for pharmacies worldwide has led to the development of a range of medication adherence packaging options for retail pharmacy, long-term care, assisted living, acute care and retirement community channels in the United States.

Did you know? Blister cards have proven to improve adherence rates from 61% to as much as 97%.

Our range of medication adherence products help today’s busy pharmacy professionals drive growth, optimize patient care and respond to evolving regulations. With product development as a cornerstone of our strategy, we have been instrumental bringing many innovative products and techniques to the field of medication adherence in key markets around the world.

  • Work with 12,000 pharmacies
  • Service 20 countries
  • Automation-compatible portfolio for machine-filling 700+ blister packs a day
  • Range of options for manual preparation
  • Integration into five leading automated systems in six countries
  • Industry-leading technical support
  • Graphic design services build customized designs that showcase your brand
  • Clear graphics with up to nine colors making it easy for healthcare providers and patients to use
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