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Pharmacolog specializes in providing solutions and products to optimize intravenous medication therapy, prevent drug related errors, detect drug diversion and perform quality control.


Provides a simple and effective way to monitor and safeguard discarded or returned controlled substances from high use areas. WasteLog™ is a device that manages the workflow by instantly analyzing the waste and returns of injectable controlled substances. Whether you are in the planning phase or have an established Drug Diversion Prevention Program, WasteLog™ can easily fit into your current workflow. Injectable controlled substances that must be wasted or returned after a completed surgical procedure are susceptible to diversion. A quick test with WasteLog™ will instantly verify a solution’s identity and concentration, thereby ensuring that it has not been tampered with. WasteLog™ is a key component of any Drug Diversion Prevention Program, minimizes attempts to divert injectable controlled substances and meets all recommended guidelines.

Apart from instant validation, to discover the immediate illicit handling of unused controlled substances, WasteLog™ measurement results can be transferred to any third-party analytics software already in place. This provides additional advanced trend analyses that help discover more elusive or sophisticated attempts at drug diversion.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Instant analysis of injectable controlled substances in 2-3 seconds
  • Instant on-screen result graphs available for qualitative analysis
  • New drug calibrations created on site
  • Low dose concentration analysis
  • Non-destructive, sample available for follow-up testing
  • The latest absorption spectroscopy technology used
  • Mobile for use between departments or facilities
  • Efficient & effective tool for screening of controlled substances
  • Provides additional data into your data analytics software
  • Quick, reliable, easy to use and affordable
  • Key component of any drug diversion prevention program
  • Reporting and Expert Guidance with Pharmacolog Dashboard™ Web Portal
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