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Rx Return Services

Rx Return Services Pharmacy Returns

Rx Return Services

One Check. Zero Hassle. Reverse Distribution.

We believe that independent and group healthcare providers deserve an accountable and transparent reverse distribution partner. Join us!

Rx Return Services is headed by a pharmacy owner and PharmD, who experienced a lack of accounting clarity and ease in reconciling reverse distribution records.

  • Eliminate discrepancies related to cookie-cutter, impersonal vendor processes.
  • Remove front-line and back-office frustrations with live, local, real-time support.
  • Reduce time you spend arranging, overseeing, and reconciling returns.
  • Supply full-cycle visibility and transparency tied to all returns performed.
  • Provide easy-to-learn, stress-free to use, point-and-click Rx returns portal.
  • Deliver line-item account, price and quantities of every NDC.
Service Levels

Self Service
Onsite Service
Annual Subscription

Refund Options

Quick Cash:
One Check for all returnable expired medications.

Non-returnable Program:
Guide you how to recoup money for all non-returnable products.

Destruction Program:
Fully compliant, socially and environmentally responsible disposal.

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