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ScriptPro’s MP 100 and MP 400 are proven and reliable single- and multi-dose medication pouch packaging systems that fill pouches from 100 to 400 medication packaging cassettes plus auxiliary input trays that your staff prepares through an integrated control system. You can efficiently swap in additional cassettes as needed.

The system generates up to 54 pouches per minute (3,240 pouches per hour) with easy to read dosing instructions on each pouch. MP 100 and MP 400 incorporate barcode technology to ensure accuracy, and facilitate inventory replenishment with minimal downtime through intuitive, user-friendly software.

The pouch packaging systems integrate with ScriptPro’s workflow and pharmacy management software as well as non-ScriptPro systems.

MP 100 Medication Pouch Packaging System -

MP 400 Medication Pouch Packaging System -

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