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Pharmacy Software Integrating Pharmacists, Patients, and Providers, and Salespeople

LifeFile’s Cloud Technology:

  • Provides a powerful workflow engine that helps shape your pharmacy
  • Incorporates an immense array of features that eliminate the need to acquire, install, learn, and maintain other applications
  • Can be implemented in a step-by-step paced process that reduces migration stress and business risk

Integrate Healthcare with a Feature-Rich System
LifeFile offers four main access portals that serve pharmacy, provider, patient, and salesperson users. These portals allow pharmacies to have integrated, web-based environments for all aspects of their business.

LifeFile’s integrated services give the pharmacy tremendous control over information. Administrators not only can manage what users can view and accomplish in their own portals, but the information that is available in other portals. Just a few key pharmacy portal elements include:

  • Compounding Management
  • Web-Based Technology
  • Integrated Faxing
  • Order Management
  • Document Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Auto-Payment & Auto-Ordering Services
  • Inbound & Outbound IVR
  • Integrated Shipping
  • Custom Reporting

Increase efficiency with advanced workflow and automation rules
LifeFile’s workflow and automation technologies allow pharmacies to build and shape their software to their specific needs. Countless rules and routings can be applied to maximize organization and efficiency in the pharmacy. No two pharmacies are the same in LifeFile! Just a few examples include:

  • Automated texting, calling, and emailing during any workflow step
  • Customizable order routing for new faxes, auto-refills, specific providers, eRxs, and much more
  • Endless amount of specific user defined validations
  • Auto Payment technology
  • Auto Ordering technology

Stay current with the best e-prescribing system offered in the market
LifeFile offers the best compounding e-prescribing technology that offers benefits for both providers and pharmacies. Providers easily create their order, and it arrives as an exact match to your pharmacy portal, no more tedious data entry is needed. Besides the ease of e-prescribing, the provider portal also offers benefits in order tracking, reporting, compliance and more. Use of portal services eliminate unnecessary calling and faxing with the pharmacy while increasing patient safety & satisfaction, and staff efficiency!

  • True compound e-prescribing services with option for practice customized compound formularies.
  • EPCS compliant technology allows the electronic creation and submission of scheduled II to V controlled substances
  • Real time order status for ALL orders sent to the pharmacy
  • Standard and custom reports for both clinical and administrative purposes
  • Patient Compliance Management

Reduce implementation risks and costs
It is no secret that migrating to a new system is normally a time consuming and tedious job. But unlike other pharmacy systems, LifeFile offers an innovative, no-risk implementation process that gives owners the option to migrate incrementally, at a pace and scope that is right for the pharmacy. The anxiety and stress of a typical migration is gone with the option to migrate gradually to ensure workflows and processes are fine-tuned before finalizing.

Partner & grow!
LifeFile’s commitment with clients goes much beyond guaranteeing the functionality of the application. Continuous updates and new features allow pharmacies to take full advantage of the newest technologies on the market. From small usability fixes to entirely new components, LifeFile is a leader in continuously introducing new technology. Additionally, developments are based completely on clients’ wishes and desires. Pharmacies and LifeFile have a continuous quality improvement process centered on the optimization of new and existing LifeFile technologies. LifeFile promotes an internal corporate culture of awareness of the critical role of the pharmacy in our community. Consequently, we all strive to prevent service disruption, and to guarantee that customer requests are handled correctly in the fastest possible time.

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