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FG Clean Wipes

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FG Clean Wipes, a division of Filtration Group, is a developer and manufacturer of a complete line of innovative surface cleaning products for the most critical environments. The platform includes a focused range of sterile and non-sterile products ranging from wipes and mops, integrated and patented hardware as well as liquid IPA. We have been serving the Cleanroom industry for nearly 50 years. As a leading provider, we have the experience, resources and scale to accommodate any customer – with the most precise, advanced and efficient solutions around the globe. Our business team includes members with significant experience leading global innovative cleaning and engineered material platforms. We offer a level of acumen and accountability unmatched by any other provider.

Major Products/Services

We design and manufacture a multitude of cleaning products, including our industry leading Saturix system for Critical Cleaning comprised of:

  • Saturix® Nonwoven wipes
  • Saturix® Knitted wipes
  • Saturix® Presaturated wipes
  • Saturix® IPA
  • Saturix® Mopping system
  • Saturix®ICT+ Isolator Cleaning Tool
  • Saturix® Prep and Spill control products and Swabs
  • Saturix® Perforated wiper rolls

Saturix Wipes

Our focused portfolio of wipes features everything you need without redundancy – nonwovens with reduced extractables and fibers, breakthrough microfiber technology that is proven to remove 99.9% of particulate residue and pure polyester knits. All wipes are available in dry and presaturated, non-sterile and validated sterile options.

Saturix Mopping System

A complete patented system for critical cleaning engineered to work flawlessly together or alone to reduce risk and waste, promote employee health and safety while improving operational efficiency. It lowers the risk profile of the entire mopping process by up to 80%, reduces chemical usage by up to 90%, and reduces VOC by 60%. Its advanced microfiber technology proven to removes 99.9% of particulate residue down to .1 micron providing additional assurance.

Saturix ICT+ Isolator Cleaning Tool

An innovative new solution for systematic and hygienic cleaning of isolators, bio safety cabinets and other aseptic environments. It features touch-free operation, ergonomic, easy-to-use hybrid design and intelligent waste pad management within the hood.

Saturix IPA

With guaranteed sterility and WFI purity filtered to .1 micron, Saturix IPA is the ideal answer for everyday and specialized cleaning challenges alike. It also features special bag-in-a-bottle packaging to ensure hygienic integrity.

Saturix Prep and Spill Control Pads

These triple-layer pads provide outstanding absorbency and a liquid barrier for surfaces. Perfect for use as tray liners and work surfaces in cleanrooms and critical environments especially around hazardous chemistries.

Markets Served

With a diverse selection of substrates, product options, packaging configurations and performance features, FG Clean Wipes’ products are used in various industries across the globe including pharmaceutical, biotech, compounding pharmacies, electronics, medical devices, optics and more.


FG Clean Wipes has a global headquarter office located in Atlanta, GA, USA. It owns and operates a manufacturing and distribution facility in Chicopee, MA, USA. All manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015. FG Clean Wipes has a dedicated team of sales professionals and technical support in North America and Europe, providing our customers with best-in-class services and partnership.

Saturix - A Complete Surface Cleaning System for Critical Environments:

Leader in Risk Reduction and Chemical Conservation:

Saturix ICT+ Isolator Cleaning Tool

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Saturix Advanced Microfiber Technology:

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