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Cervey’s suite of web-based products helps 340B Hospitals and Contract Pharmacies manage the complexities and changes of 340B for maximum compliance and savings.

We were born out of pharmacies just like yours, which is why our 340B software was developed to provide the highest level of certainty in your 340B program.

  • Full Compliance. Up-to-date functionality to ensure 340B compliance.
  • Maximum Savings. Realize your largest 340B opportunity.
  • Easy Transition. Changing 340B software is easier than you think.
  • Efficiency. Streamline your 340B program and manage efficiently.
  • Certified Experts. A collaborative TPA team of ACE-certified professionals.
  • Ticketless Service. Real answers without the annoying tickets.

Cervey’s market-leading technology is customized to address the various aspects of 340B because we know the ins and outs of HRSA and your pharmacy workings.

  • 340B Split Bill Pharmacy. Manages virtual inventory, employs a simple workflow to maximize savings, and retains auditable records of dispense data and accumulations.
  • 340B Contract Pharmacy. Maintains virtual inventory, automatically replenishes products, keeps track of all financials and transactions for auditable records, and eliminates 99% of true-ups.

As your pharmacy evolves, so does Cervey’s innovative technology. The following new features have just been added to the platform.

  • Compliance Module. Produces all the documentation and reports required for a HRSA audit at the click of a button. It stores Covered Entity documents including Policy and Procedures, Medicare * Cost Report and other files such as 340B Universe and/or employee roles. The crosswalk management tool allows user to create crosswalk of locations and purchasing accounts from usage data/accounts to Medicare Cost Report to HRSA registration identification number (340B ID).
  • Group Dashboard. Provides a financial and operation view across your health system, all in one page, including 340B savings tracking, WAC losses, financial trends and maintenance statistics.

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