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Modern pharmacy logistics for healthier patients.

VPL is an integrated shipping, tracking, triage, and compliance platform built to meet the needs of outpatient pharmacies and the broader pharmaceutical supply chain.
Our mission is to modernize pharmacy logistics so patients get the care they need without straining the pharmacist and the pharma supply chain.

Our platform includes:

1. Prescription Shipping, Tracking, and Triage
  • Integrations with dispensing systems like Epic Willow, PioneerRx, Asembia-1, and ScriptPro reduces manual data entry risk of error
  • Access to all carriers and couriers in a single workflow lets you compare shipping rates and transit times
  • Real-time tracking allows you to monitor critical packages and intervene sooner
  • Automated delivery status notifications for pharmacy staff and patients help with pharmacist and patient satisfaction as well as call center metric improvement
2. Compliance and Performance-Focused Data Visualization
  • Insights organized by location, carrier/courier and retail/specialty empower you to track success of optimization efforts
  • Line of sight into carrier and courier performance trends enable you to optimize logistics operations for on-time delivery and cost control
  • Tailored accreditation reporting saves time and simplifies the process of proving distribution accuracy and performance improvement
  • PoD securely stored and readily accessible for up to 10 years takes the stress out of audits and protects against clawbacks
3. Last-Mile Pharmacy Logistics
  • Offerings to support package monitoring and targeted intervention when shipments encounter issues helps ensure prescriptions reach your patients safely and cost-effectively
  • Access to and integration of reliable, tech-enabled couriers addresses local and same-day delivery challenges
  • Established partnerships with packaging and temperature control vendors enable a broader, shipping operations strategy

VPL is a clinically minded solution that puts your patients and their safety at the forefront.

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