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QS 1

Inventory & Formulary Software QS1

The Complete and Intuitive Pharmacy Management System

Complete and Flexible Pharmacy Management
QS/1®ís NRx is designed to meet your pharmacy-specific needs. Process new prescriptions and refills quickly with minimal keystrokes or mouse clicks.

InstantFill® automatically queues IVR and web refills and prints labels. With Pharmacy at a Glance, monitor critical areas from any workstation throughout the day. Health-Minderô can be used to track adherence and compliance issues to produce better outcomes.

Enhance Your Business
Capitalize on programs, such as 340B, specialty medications, immunizations, nursing home/facility management and Medication Therapy Management (MTM). As your needs evolve, add capabilities such as:

  • Workflow
  • Will Call Bin Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Document Imaging
  • CoverMyMeds® Prior Authorization
  • Eligibility Checking
  • Electronic Prescriber Updates

NRx fully integrates with other QS/1 systems and services, including Point-of-Sale, SystemOne® for HME, IVR, Web Refill Services and Multi-Site Management (MSMô).

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